Dabbing CBD In The Heart Of London, And Why Legal Cannabis Is Inevitable In The UK

It felt pretty weird. We were sitting inside a small pop-up shop in the heart of London, dabbing some potent cannabis extracts. 

The shop is Leefy, a CBD-selling pop-up shop on Neal Street near Covent Garden, and the extracts we’re inhaling are rich in CBD and terpenes, but not THC. 

It is, of course, perfectly legal for us to be dabbing CBD shatter in such a public place. Still, as we heating the banger with a blow torch and taking turns inhaling from the bong-like dab rig, I couldn’t help but consider how we may be perceived by the people walking past the shop front. 

CBD is changing perceptions

We certainly raised some eyebrows and stoked some curiosity – which is a good thing in my opinion. In fact, I believe the whole rise of CBD and increased awareness of cannabis’ medical value is the best thing to ever happen to the legalisation movement in the UK. 

Thanks to CBD, so many more people have realised that there’s more to cannabis than smoking it and getting stoned. Sure, that has its merits, but it’s never going to be adopted by the vast majority of people who could benefit from cannabis.

That’s where CBD comes in – as well as oils, creams, cosmetics and edibles, which are much less intimidating than smokable or vapable products. 

As research mounts and cannabis knowledge spreads, it’s my belief that, sooner rather than later, a tipping point will be reached and evidence-based opinion will outweigh ingrained ignorance. It’s then inevitable that recreational cannabis will be legalised and regulated in the UK.

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is when you heat a small amount of cannabis concentrate (such as wax, shatter, crystals, oils, etc.) and inhale the vapours that are subsequently produced. 

The concentrate is heated by either the nail or banger of a dab rig or the coil in a vape pen, which causes the concentrate to vaporise.

Dabbing is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. And although most people dab with THC, dabbing with CBD is certainly gaining in popularity. 

It allows the effects of CBD to hit you immediately. Therefore, when first dabbing with CBD, it is advisable to start off small and increase your dosage as you see fit.

For more info, read our guide to dabbing CBD here

How does dabbing CBD feel?

This was my first time dabbing CBD. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve smoked and vaped CBD flower and CBD extracts for a long time, however, taking such a concentrated dose of CBD and terpenes via a dab was a unique experience. 

I almost immediately felt a warm feeling descend from the top of my head through my body. Following that, I felt really relaxed and calm. I felt like I should be high. I had some of the symptoms, although my mind was clear and my heartbeat slow and steady. 

Whereas THC can induce some feelings of anxiety or uneasiness, especially at high doses, dabbing CBD felt like all the positives of being high without the cerebral intensity.  

Free CBD dabs

If you want to try dabbing CBD for yourself, get down to Leefy, 67B Neal Street, London, and get stuck into the amazing new range of extracts from The Goods

Along with all the classic strain flavours, they have also released two special flavours for valentine’s day: Mojito and Daiquiri. Both are exquisite and unlike anything you’ve smoked/vaped/dabbed before. Trust me. 

They’re also holding events at the shop. I was lucky enough to catch Tyler Green from iSmoke giving a talk on cannabis in the digital age. Callie Blackwell, Simpa Carter and Tyler all have talks scheduled over the next couple of weeks, so don’t miss em! 

Get down there before the shops closes down at the end of the month. 

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  1. Hi, I’ve no idea about dabbing or a product brand to get started with? Kinda like what u describe above?Normally I use oils,paste,flower on occasion. Just worried about buying the wrong thing.


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