Beat the Boredom: Five Creative Ways to Take CBD

It is true that CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years. Once a relatively unknown herbal extract, CBD products are now being picked up by everyone from athletes to chronic pain sufferers.

Also, with the global market projected to hit £80 billion in 2026, it doesn’t look like demand for the extract is fading any time soon. As CBD continues to dominate the wellness space, there are more ways to take it than ever. From edibles to smokables and everything in between, whatever your personal preference may be, you’ll be sure to find a cannabinoid product to match.  

However, for those of you that are running out of ideas, this article outlines 5 out-of-the-box ways to consume the compound. But before we run you through the weird and wonderful methods, let’s understand a little bit more about CBD. 

What is CBD?

Abbreviated from its scientific name ‘cannabidiol’, CBD is a chemical compound that is found in cannabis. Unlike THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that makes users feel high, CBD has no intoxicating effects.

It is, however, recognised to alleviate a range of mental and physical conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and acne. The cannabinoid is usually extracted from the plant in an oil form. Once it is in this state, it is able to be infused into a range of exciting products. 

Now you’re better acquainted with the natural ingredient, here are 5 creative ways to reap its apparent benefits. 

  1. CBD Chocolate

Good news for all chocoholics, CBD chocolate is one of the tastiest and most indulgent ways to enjoy the compound. Simply referring to chocolate that has been infused with the cannabinoid, you’re able to pick up CBD chocolate in just about any shape, size and flavour imaginable. Depending on the manufacturer, the chocolate may contain a tincture or a carrying oil alongside the compound, but fortunately, neither are likely to influence the taste of the product.

A big benefit of CBD chocolate is its unique texture. Unlike other edibles in the market, when you eat chocolate, it’s able to melt in your mouth. Aside from being deliciously satisfying, this also creates a blend between the edible and sublingual methods, possibly delivering the effects of the CBD into your bloodstream more directly. This allows you to savour a delicious experience while sampling more of the benefits of the cannabinoid. 

  1. CBD Nasal Spray

In case you’re looking for a fast and effective way to take CBD, it might be time to consider nasal spray. As the name suggests, CBD nasal sprays are a type of cannabidiol product that you administer through your nose. Despite their passage through the nose, nasal sprays are actually delivered into the system sublingually because they pass the mucus membrane before entering your body’s bloodstream. This allows the solution to be delivered into your system faster and more efficiently than many other methods.

CBD nasal sprays can come in flavoured and unflavoured varieties, and for the days that you’re feeling a little bunged-up, there are products out there that are specifically designed to clear congested airways. Most nasal sprays come with a nozzle that you’re able to gently insert into the nostril, and if you’re looking to switch things up, you can also consume them orally too. 

  1. CBD Make-up

Ingesting isn’t the only way to try CBD oil. While it may sound slightly unconventional, CBD make-up has recently been shaking up the cosmetics industry — and it’s for a good reason. Topical products, like CBD make-up, represent an exciting and novel way to sample the cannabinoid because the hemp extract has been found to feature a variety of skin-friendly properties. This makes it a promising ingredient in topical products like serums, foundations and concealers. 

To be specific, recent research reveals that CBD has anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-killing) and antioxidant qualities. This indicates that cannabinoid-infused products may be useful in treating a range of skin conditions like dryness, psoriasis, acne and eczema. This might not be the ideal method for consumers who are looking to receive full-body effects from the cannabinoids because, unlike ingestible methods, topical products aren’t able to take effect in our system. 

  1. CBD Coffee

Do you rely on a cup of coffee to help you get the most out of your day? There may be a way to level up even further. CBD coffee has been gaining traction in the cafe community for quite some time now, and the herbal extract is now able to be bought in anything from lattes to cold brews. But why exactly has CBD coffee become so popular? 

Well, due to the supposedly remedial and mood-enhancing nature of the extract, it’s been recognised to enhance the effects of coffee in a range of ways. Specifically, studies have shown that CBD can improve alertness without making the user feel too anxious or jittery, so this suggests that the agent may be able to take the edge off coffee while amplifying its wakeful characteristics. On top of this, both CBD and coffee are rich sources of antioxidants. Therefore, if you’re looking to fight off free radicals while you’re fighting off morning drowsiness, cannabidiol-infused coffee might be the drink for you. 

  1. CBD Bath Bombs

Finally, another quirky, and totally luxurious way to take CBD, is with CBD bath bombs. This method is perfect if you’ve had a long day, if you’re dealing with body aches or just in need of some TLC. CBD bath bombs are typically made from a combination of baking soda, citric acid, essential oils and, of course, cannabidiol. 

When they are placed in warm water, a chemical reaction is sparked. This reaction creates a fizzing noise and releases CBD and other natural oils into the water. Since hot water opens up your pores, the properties of cannabidiol are then able to be absorbed into your system easily. This makes bath bombs more effective than many other topical products. Once the CBD takes effect, its relaxing properties can allow you to decompress even further. Whatsmore, by being absorbed through the skin topically, this method may also be able to give the skin a natural, healthy glow.

So there you have it, the top five creative ways to take CBD. We hope that this guide has inspired you to think outside of the box and be more experimental with your cannabinoid journey — because life is too short to get stuck in a routine!

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