Hemp Flower Review: Super Lemon Haze and White Widow From NaturalStrains

Over the past several years there has been a growing demand for CBD flower. Finding CBD bud online isn’t difficult, but finding high-quality CBD bud is.

That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for high quality products to test out.  

I’ve sampled NaturalStrains’ products several times in the past and have always been impressed. Recently, I’ve been hearing amazing things about the CBD bud range so thought I’d give it a go myself.  

First impressions  

I decided to test out 2 strains – Super Lemon Haze and White Widow. Both arrived within 2 working days. The bud comes in a slick, resealable pouch which is perfect for easy storage.  

Upon opening the pouch, the first thing I notice is the smell. Both strains had a strong smell – a sign of good quality bud. When inspecting the flowers I’m surprised at the quality – it’s a healthy green colour with an array of beautiful hues and undertones. It looks dense, tight, and covered in glistening trichomes. Everything so far points towards the buds being high quality.  


Based on feedback I’d received on NaturalStrains I was expecting a nice smoke – I wasn’t disappointed. NaturalStrains have made it their mission to source pure, high-quality hemp flowers. All CBD flowers are non-GMO and grown in organic soil and fertiliser.  

Both strains also had a high CBD content in comparison to many competitors. At 24% CBD these flowers pack a punch and will meet all your CBD needs.  


I smoked both strains straight in a joint and was surprised by the strength of both.  

White Widow: This strain was more of a creeper. The smoke itself was smooth with a fruity taste. After 20 minutes or so, I felt relaxed, at ease but still mentally sharp. This strain is perfect for those wanting a relaxing evening smoke. It’s great for unwinding and preparing for sleep. After smoking a second joint I fell into a deep, restful sleep.  

Super Lemon Haze: I tried SLH the day after. To my surprise it had the opposite effect to White Widow. I felt uplifted and productive after smoking the strain. The effects lasted several hours before wearing off.  

Overall, the effects I felt from both strains were strong and, so far, I’m extremely happy with my purchase.  


The most obvious use is either smoking or vaping. The bud is great to smoke solo or makes the perfect addition to combine with your THC bud. The high CBD content will even help counteract any of the negative side effects you may feel from smoking THC.  

You can also make edibles. Following our guide here, you can create your very own CBD infused cooking oil or butter which can then be added to a variety of different sweet and savoury snacks and drinks.  

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I opted for 3.5g costing £29.99. Under £10 a gram is a good price when considering the quality you’re getting. However, after purchasing I realised that purchasing 7g only costs £55 – definitely some of the cheaper prices I’ve seen on the market.   


It’s hard to fault NaturalStrains’ CBD flower range. The strains I tried. ticked all my boxes. I’ll be purchasing more from them in the future. Check NaturalStrains out here.

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