How Strong Is London’s Weed? YouTuber Finds Out

The average THC percentage of London’s weed is 17.5%.

That’s what Youtuber DrewisSharing discovered after taking a portable testing machine around with him in the UK’s capital city. 

The sample size was admittedly low – just 10 – so take the results with a big pinch of salt. 

Surprised by what he considered a low average THC percentage in the capital, Drew says he’s planning to visit other cities around the UK to compare results. 

The highest testing strain of the day came in at 27% THC and the strain was reported to be Britscotti. Others tested as low as 14%. 

A few hashes were tested, the strongest clocking in at 29%. 

The testing machine he used was the Purpl PRO, which is described by its creators Purpl Scientific as “a pocket-sized potency application that is crazy accurate, totally affordable, and easy to use.”

It retails for £1,148 plus shipping.

You can watch Drew’s 10 minute video here

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One Comment on “How Strong Is London’s Weed? YouTuber Finds Out”

  1. Low? There is no way in any sensible assessment of THC content that you can call 17.5% “low”. It will send Robin Murray and the nanny staters into apoplexy.

    I would have expected the average to have been around 15% and I’m extremely dubious about the accuracy of any portable machine. Great big £50k HPLC machines will give different results from different parts of the same flower.

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