90% Of Colon Cancer Cells Killed By Product Containing Cannabinoids And Mushrooms

A cancer drug based on cannabis and mushroom extracts has been shown to kill over 90% of colon cancer cells in a cell model study, according to the product’s creators Cannabotech. 

Integrative-Colon products are based on a combination of several cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and various mushroom extracts, such as Turkey Tail mushroom.

According to a press release, the product – with its unique combination of active compounds – proved to be more effective than individual cannabinoids when compared against them. 

As well as suggesting a synergistic effect between the active ingredients, Cannabotech claim that the results support their belief that “it is necessary to build a defined, accurate and science-based formula” to create effective cancer treatments – something “which cannot be obtained in any cannabis strain that exists in nature.”

The study

The study examined the effect of Cannabotech’s Integrative Colon products on various colon cancer subtypes, representing different molecular changes common in these colon cancer subtypes. 

Results showed that the cannabinoid and mushroom composition killed over 90% of colon cancer cells and is significantly more effective than each cannabinoid individually, suggesting “a strong synergy between the active ingredients.”

The study has also demonstrated the different effects of each cannabinoid on distinct subtypes of colon cancer. 

Integrative Colon products

Cannabotech is a biomedical company that develops products based on cannabis and fungal extracts, including CBD products available in the UK. 

They report that their Integrative-Colon products are based on a combination of several cannabinoids from the cannabis plant and various mushroom extracts.

While exact ingredients are undisclosed, Cannabotech does reveal that there is no THC in the product and the mushroom extracts they use contain a high concentration of an active substance called PSK, extracted from the Trametes mushroom (Turkey Tail).

Common in forests around the world, including in the UK, Turkey Tail mushroom is known for its anti-cancer properties and has been approved as an oncology treatment in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

The next step will be to test the formula’s effectiveness in combination with standard chemotherapies. 

The cannabinoid formula will also be combined with the mushroom Cyathus Striatus (Fluted bird’s nest) as part of the botanical drug development project led by Prof. Fuad Fares at the University of Haifa.

New standard 

The integrative products developed by Cannabotech will be launched in the UK, Israel and the US towards the second half of 2022. They are intended for use in combination with chemotherapy treatment to reduce side effects, with the goal to “define a new standard for the medical cannabis industry.”

Prof. Tami Peretz, Senior Oncologist: “Cannabotech’s Integrative products are unique in that they are designed to standards similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry and incorporate many active ingredients.

“The Company’s products have demonstrated impressive and very promising efficacy in colon culture cells tested in the laboratory. Based on these experiments, there is room to perform animal studies and, in the future, to examine the possibility of incorporating these products in colorectal cancer patients.”

Cannabotech is also developing products for pain and breast cancer, which have also been promising in preliminary studies. 

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