Where To Buy CBD Flower In London

Despite the confusion surrounding its legal status, CBD ‘hemp’ flower is becoming very popular in the UK.

The demand for so-called ‘hemp buds’ has been relentless since it first made its way over from those green-fingered Swiss breeders. And while the market started out mostly online, high-grade hemp flower can now be bought at vape shops and head shops in most towns and cities.

Consumers are saying the low-THC cannabis is a miracle when it comes to anxiety, obliterating it in just a few puffs of a joint or vaporiser, or even brewed in a cup of tea.

Many people also use it to stop smoking cigarettes and tobacco, claiming it seamlessly replaces tobacco in their life and even makes withdrawal a doddle. People also make use of CBD-rich cannabis to reduce their use of THC-rich cannabis.

If you’re looking for CBD flower in London, here’s where you’ll find it:

1. Kanaco

Address: 494 Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 5NH

Kanaco has a wide variety of high-grade CBD flower. It’s sold in 2 gram pouches for around £20. Their Blue Dream is particularly nice.

They also sell tinctures, really good CBD capsules and gummy bears.

2. Otherside

Address: 261 Portobello Road, London W11 1LR

Right on Portobello Road, Otherside bill themselves as London’s first cannabinoid dispensary. And, as in any good dispensary, that means you’ll find jars of CBD flower in jars behind the counter.

Countless other CBD and smoking products are also available. You’re also a few doors down from Hemp Botanics, who have some interesting CBD products from time to time.

3. Higher Minds Head Shop

Address: 49 The Broadway Stoneleigh, Epsom KT17 2JE

If you are in the south, Higher Minds will be able to cater to your needs. They have a decent range of CBD flower, along with the usual wares you’ll find at a good head shop.

4. Any vape shop, head shop, or hippie-type shop

There’s a few in London so it shouldn’t be hard to find one offering a prepackaged CBD flower. Myob is a common brand you’ll find, as well asa few Swiss brands.

5. Buy online

Why not choose from the greater choice (and often quality) that’s to be found online. To help you navigate all the online CBD flower market place, check out this guide which features all the best online shops and their best strains.  

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