This Ratio Of CBD To THC Reduces Anxiety And Paranoia, Study Finds

A group of researchers in Canada have carried out research to compare the effects of smoking cannabis with different levels of THC and CBD. 

They found that participants who consumed cannabis with equal amounts of CBD and THC had “significantly lower plasma THC concentrations” and were less likely to report feelings of anxiety and paranoia, while also reporting similar levels of positive subjective effects to the THC-dominant smokers.  

The study 

Subjects in the study, published in the journal Addiction Biology, were assigned at random to inhale either THC-dominant flowers (24% THC to 1% CBD), CBD-dominant flowers (23% CBD to 1% CBD), or flowers containing almost equal ratios of CBD to THC (10% THC to 9%CBD). 

Authors reported that: “This is one of the first studies to examine differential effects of various THC to CBD ratios using cannabis flower chemovars that are widely available in state-regulated markets.” 

After an hour, patients were able to describe the effects to the researchers. 

The results 

Participants who smoked the THC-dominant flowers, along with those who smoked flowers containing equal ratios, both described their effects as positive ones. 

What’s more interesting is that the patients who smoked the samples containing almost equal amounts of CBD to THC had “significantly lower plasma THC concentrations” and were less likely to report feelings of anxiety, paranoia, or experiencing any other adverse effects. 

They also reported similar levels of positive subjective effects to the THC-dominant consumers. 

“The present findings suggest that CBD may be associated with an overall reduction of THC exposure and may mitigate the negative psychotomimetic effects of THC without diminishing the effects of THC that individuals report liking.” authors reported. 

This is “intriguing from a harm reduction perspective”, the study notes. 

Exploring different cannabis ratios 

So, if there’s a wide range of ratios to experiment with, which one is the best for you? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t an exact answer to that question because THC and CBD work a little differently for each person. 

But here are a few of the most common ratios;  

CBD:THC – 0:1 

These are products that contain no CBD whatsoever, so you’ll be able to feel the highs of the THC. 

A lot of people find this to be an uplifting experience with very few negative effects and can reduce stress levels. Many people prefer more THC because it can provide pain relief, soothe inflammation, and improve their overall mood. 

However, if you’re similar to many other people who are quite sensitive or have a low tolerance to THC, then you may be more likely to experience some paranoia and anxiety. 

CBD:THC – 1:0 

While this ratio doesn’t provide you with any sort of high, it can improve your energy levels and general mood. 

Additionally, products containing only CBD have a high therapeutic potential which can help with the treatment of psychosis and other mood disorders. 

So, you can enjoy the relaxation effects CBD brings, improve your mood, and not have to deal with the effects of paranoia or anxiety. 

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CBD:THC – 1:1 

While most cannabis users may already know this, if you aren’t too familiar with cannabis ratios, this is the most recommended one to start with. 

Smoking or ingesting a product with this ratio can deliver a relaxing effect with a minimal high. This allows people to stay productive and functional throughout their day. 

It’s mostly described to be mildly euphoric and calm, with very few side effects. 

Additionally, out of all the different cannabis ratios, many patients find that 1:1 has the most effective medicinal properties for a wide range of conditions which can include; insomnia, cancer, autism, and many more. 

CBD:THC – 1:9 or Higher 

This ratio is used for products containing high amounts of THC, which means you’ll be likely to feel the typical effects of THC a whole lot more. 

While this may not be your cup of tea, this ratio helps treat people suffering from chronic pain, migraines, seizures, side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and much more. 

If you’re not sure where to start, and you’re not looking to get completely stoned to the bone, it’s always good to keep in mind that the more CBD a product contains, the less you’ll experience the typical effects associated with THC. 

Finding the right ratio for you 

When it comes to finding the best cannabis ratio for you, a great place to start is by talking to a person who is familiar with cannabis that can advise you on the best option for your individual health challenges. 

But still, the right ratio depends on your own unique biochemistry and the way you metabolise THC and CBD. 

Start with a product that contains 1:1 CBD to THC, and see over the course of a few days how it affects you. If you find that it’s too psychoactive, then you may want to increase the CBD content. 

But if the effects of the THC are okay, or maybe even less than you’d have liked, then try increasing the percentage of THC. 

Repeat this process each time you want to test a different ratio of CBD to THC until you’ve found a blend that works well for your individual needs. 

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