How Much Does A Medical Cannabis Prescription Cost In The UK? 

In November 2018, medical cannabis was legalised in the United Kingdom. This means cannabis can be prescribed if no other licensed medicine could help treat the patient. 

But how much does a medical cannabis prescription cost in the UK?

On average, the cost of a medical cannabis prescription in the UK is around £140 to £250 per month, but this does vary based on a number of factors.

It can even be free if you’re able to get a prescription through the NHS, the number of patients who have successfully managed to get an NHS prescription still remains relatively low. 

To combat this, many patients get their medical cannabis prescriptions through a private medical cannabis clinic. And these clinics determine have their own price structures.

The factors which determine how much you pay 

For starters, cannabis-based products come in a variety of doses and formulations, including oils, tinctures, capsules, and dried flower, for example. 

For a cannabis prescription, you’ll have to go for a consultation with a specialist and then they will make a decision on whether or not medical cannabis is appropriate for you individually. 

The main factors that determine how much you’ll have to pay for medical cannabis include: 

  • The manufacturer  
  • The type of product
  • The CBD/THC ratio 

The cost of a medical cannabis prescription in the UK 

Proceeding the prescription, you’ll have to book an initial consultation with a specialist consultant – these generally cost anywhere from £50 to £200 depending on the clinic. 

Additionally, follow-up consultations could cost £65 to £150. 

While the average cost of medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK is around £140 to £250 per month, again this comes down to what the specific clinics charges and depends on the manufacturer they use, the THC and CBD contents, the length of your treatment, etc.  

Prescription products that contain CBD only usually cost the same amount as over-the-counter CBD products.  

These can range from around £7.50 to £15.00 per 100mg.  

But products with high THC content will come at a much higher price, and are normally given to people with conditions that require more pain relief. 

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4 Comments on “How Much Does A Medical Cannabis Prescription Cost In The UK? ”

  1. The clinic I am with costs £50 per consultation. You have an initial £50 consultation with a Dr. Then after your first month you have a follow-up again with the Dr at the clinic. After that you have a quarterly checkup with pharmacist each costing £50.
    typically every clinic has some kind of access scheme. If you sign up youll be part of ongoing research and they will monitor your progress via questionnaires etc. In exchange you’ll get cheaper cannabis.
    Typically you’ll be prescribed around a gram a day split between 1 or 2 strains. You may also be prescribed oil
    But it all depends on what you agree with your Dr.
    Typically cannabis flower costs between £5 – £12/g with oil starting at £30 for 10ml.
    So typically you can expect to buy 30g (a month’s supply) for £150. The cannabis is usually prescibed in 10g increments. Some clinics also charge for repeat prescriptions and delivery. However some don’t. Also some clinics are more Dr driven where your Dr prescribes the flower they think best. Others have a more coffee shops menu approach. Either way way you can only make changes to your prescription during a consultation with either the Dr or pharmacist.

    Hope this helps

  2. Could you get it free if your unemployed and on benefits and pip for mental issues and without weed IV no appetite and I’m on good behaviour from the court so everytime I buy I have to make it home safe or risk going to prison ?

  3. hello,
    I have broken every joint below the waste and am now looking like another operation for a knee replacement, as well as a nerve issue in my spine which was a bit of a frightening thing and a add to the list thing that was NOT WANTED courtesy of a idiot driver from behind, Anyway, I just saw these comments..don’t know the medical uses for chronic pain and/or these clinics who do this and was looking for some more information since this page appeared on my pc out of nowhere, never searched for it..and hadn’t considered it. any help to direct me to a good clinic who can do whatever study or process required as long as I have proof that this is legal and okay for my condition or may give some sort of relief from constant pain which is tiring to be totally honest.

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