How Magic Mushrooms Inspired This UK Cannabis Entrepreneur

Psilocybin mushrooms (you know, the magic ones) have a way of changing people’s perspectives and igniting fires of inspiration within them. 

While many insights are very personal – shining a light on problematic behavioural patterns, old traumas or relationships – sometimes they can be more practical and lead to fresh thoughts about career, business or investing.

Just recently, for example, there was a story in the New York Post about a German billionaire who claims he “finally understood bitcoin” after taking magic mushrooms. 

Which is why I was very interested when a friend in the cannabis industry started to tell me how taking mushrooms had been the catalyst for him to start a CBD brand.

With my interest piqued by this revelation, I thought it would be fun to ask him a few more questions and make an article out of it. 

So, let me now introduce you to Alex, the founder of Aunt Mary’s Flowers

Introduction to psilocybin

I first asked Alex to explain how psilocybin mushrooms had influenced his thinking and led to the creation of online CBD shop Aunt Mary’s Flowers.

He told me that he first tried psilocybin in Amsterdam with some friends. After a heavy weekend, they had decided “ to consume a box of magic truffles each along with coffeeshop smoke sessions” in order to make the most of their last day. 

He continues, “I had never used psilocybin before and decided to consume a box of moderate strength truffles. My first experience with truffles had me talking to an angelic voice in what felt like my soul and this encounter/experience had me soul searching ever since.

“Having gained positive mental health benefits from this experience, it opened the world of ‘me’, giving me the understanding that I had suffered greatly with mental health problems.

“As the years went by I found the courage to consume magic mushrooms on my own (so I had no distractions) and I would take myself away to trip in the nearby woods close to my house and in other safe settings.

“Having these sessions on my own, mushrooms communicated to me that I am autistic, and 3 years later this was confirmed.”

Inception of Aunt Mary’s Flowers

“So one day I decided to take part in a large dose on my own (in the woods) and had set intentions to really understand the mental strain of my self-worth and really where I wanted to go in life. 

“Stuck at a dead end 12-14 hour a day job just wasn’t what I wanted for my life/future. 

“Having used CBD for a good part of 4 years prior and seeing how it helped people around me, it was a mission I set to embark on this industry to help people discover the benefits and all I wanted from this particular mushroom trip was to change my future entirely. 

“As I skipped through the woods and had the sun shining through the tree’s my mind exploded with ideas of what I wanted my company to be – a holistic, friendly and inviting face that most people would feel familiar with.

“When I thought of cannabis or “Mary Jane” during this trip, the mushrooms communicated to me and showed me my future brand, Aunt Mary’s Flowers! 

“My heart felt strongly that this was my future and the brand which was going to change my life and give me the fulfillment in life that I always dreamed of – Helping people in need with CBD. 

“I have mad respect for both of these compounds, but namely magic mushrooms. They gave me the ability to see myself, manifest my future and teach me things that I would have never been able to do without them!“

Psilocybin and creativity

When it comes to the relationship between psilocybin and creativity, there’s certainly more anecdotal evidence than there is scientific. 

However, one study done a few years ago found that microdoses of psilocybin do have the ability to improve creative performance, possibly by means of inducing a state of “unconstrained thought” that allows for the generation of novel ideas.

A study from earlier this year found that while people under the influence of psilocybin report having more profound and original thoughts, they actually tend to score lower on cognitive tests of creative ability. Psilocybin did increase creative ability a week later though.

Aunt Mary’s Mushrooms

With motivation high after a successful first few years in business, Alex now feels the time is right to expand his product range by incorporating legal medicinal mushrooms.

He told me: “My passion for psilocybin mushrooms has led me to study the ability of what all mushrooms can have for the human mind and body. 

“Later on this year, hopefully by the end of October, I will be releasing Aunt Mary’s Mushrooms.

“These products will be based around organically grown edible mushrooms such as lion’s mane, chaga, reishi etc. 

“I am working with a mushroom grower of 20 years that creates very high quality triple-extracted tinctures and bioavailable mushroom extract powders.“

Keep an eye out for Aunt Mary’s Mushrooms and check out Aunt Mary’s Flowers for a cracking range of CBD flower, pure vape carts, gummies and more. 

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