10 Fun Things To Do In London While High

If you’re a stoner living in London, there’s little better than waking, baking, and hitting the streets ready for an adventure.

But once you are sufficiently elevated and ready roll, what should you do? Where should you go to get the most out of your THC-induced euphoria?

Here’re some ideas:

1. Wander around the London Aquarium

A visit to the London Aquarium in is sure to stir your senses and enhance your high.

You can discover one of Europe’s largest collections of global marine life, including such mind-bending creatures as octopuses, sharks and seahorses.

2. Watch the sunset on Primrose Hill

Stoned sunsets are one of the pinnacles of life. And there are not many better vantage points in London to watch the sunset than on top of Primrose Hill on the northern side of Regent’s Park.

3. Ride the London Eye

You’re already high, so why not get even higher to where you can enjoy unequalled views of the capital.

If you’re really brave, you can even hotbox the pod like these guys.

4. Picnic in Richmond Park

If the tumultuous London weather permits, a picnic in the Richmond Park, one of the largest Royal parks in the city, is a great way to spend a stoned day.

Bring enough food, drink and, of course, weed, and you could spend the entire day surrounded by nature and a million miles away from the bustle of London. Just watch out for the park’s population of stags.

5. Stand-up paddleboard on the Thames  

For an activity that will away from dry land, why not try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding on the city’s famous river.

Keep your balance while you cruise down the Thames and see the city from a brand new perspective.

6. Visit The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History

This unique museum and bar, situated on Mare Street in Hackney, is perfect if you want to really be amazed/freaked out while high.

With its “incoherent vision of the world”, the museum contains such oddities as real dodo bones, prison inmates & mad women’s doodles, occultists paintings, and two-headed kittens.

7. Go on the Emirates Airline cable cars

Another option for spectacular views over London, the Emirates Airline cable car offers a unique experience that’s all the more impressive after consuming cannabis.

The 10-minute cable car ride will take you across the Thames and costs just £4,50 (£3.50 with an Oyster or Travelcard)

8. Play ping-pong at Bounce in Shoreditch

Test your hand-eye coordination after a spliff by playing table tennis at Bounce bar in Shoreditch.

Neon lights, good food and endless competition at the table, an evening at bounce has all you need to make the most of your high. 

9. Eat as much sushi as you can at Sushi Salsa in Camden

What goes well with weed? That’s right… food. And for about £20 at Sushi Salsa in Camden, you can gorge yourself on raw fish and rice until your heart’s content.

10. Watch a film in style at Odeon Luxe

Getting stoned and bombarding your senses at the most luxurious cinema in London is quite an experience.

As well as a big, comfy seat to relax and recline in, you can also keep your munchies on hand with a retractable tray while you lose yourself in front on of the big screen.

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