Don’t Miss The UK’s Biggest And Best Cannabis Expo-Festival

The UK’s biggest cannabis expo is returning this weekend after a year hiatus due to the pandemic. 

Product Earth 2021, which will be celebrating its fifth year, will feature the usual mix of glassware, seeds, clothing, packaging and free samples/giveaways. 

However, new additions to the line up will include a skate park, the After Dark Village, and the Medical Zone, which is a place where legal cannabis patients can medicate and even get their bud tested.  


With no show last year, this event is going to be booming. A variety of cabins and yurts that were available have been sold out. However, camping spots and day/weekend tickets are still available. 

If you do decide to camp, you’ll be able to experience the expo’s first After Dark village concept. Sponsored by Mills nutrients, the village will offer attendees a place to unwind with friends in the camp site with live music, a variety of bars, food vendors, night time stalls, chill out areas and, of course, fireside chats.

Medical zone

The Medical Zone is also a new development. Speaking to CEO of Product Earth, Matt Clifton, he says that the Medical Zone “is in response to a number of negative articles in the press questioning the potency & ratio of cannabinoids, issues with mould & patients being forced to medicate amongst smokers in clouds of toxic smoke.”

“The zone itself is a manifestation of the journey a prospective patient would take in order to get a legal prescription, where they will be able to engage with some of the companies behind this journey, dispelling any myths they may have heard. 

“For legally prescribed patients, they will be able to test their flower thanks to our friend at Delta 9 Analytics bringing a variety of testing equipment, which we help will build more trust and understanding about the medicine people are consuming. 

“Last but not least, there will be signage around the site to indicate where there are safe places to consume your legally prescribed medicine where no combustion will be permitted, to ensure patients aren’t forced to medicate in unsafe or unhygienic areas.”

Psychedelics on show

It’s not just cannabis that will take the spotlight at this year’s event, though. Psychedelics will also be represented in spades. One of the partners for the seminar zone is PSYence Fair, who focus on the evidence surrounding the clinical potential of psychedelics. 

Seminar visitors will also hear from Drug Science, amongst others, who will talk about the work they are doing with psychedelics as a medicine for a number of different ailments from PTSD through to depression. Mr Clifton says you’ll definitely find him in the seminar zone for these talks.

Cannabis event of the year

Although I have never been myself, I know Product Earth as the one UK event that brings everyone involved in the industry together. Not only that, it also attract lots of people from outside the industry. 

Matt Clifton says, “Our neutral stance where we present all sides of an argument is in our blood and I hope will attract more and more people over the years not so closely connected to the plant or it’s community. 

“Something I love about cannabis consumers is that they cut through every demographic. I want to celebrate the interests and cultures of the cannabis consumer and I’ll be speaking to people throughout the weekend to get an idea of what our next area of development should be.”

The expo/festival will take place at the National Agricultural and Exhibition Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, from August 20 to 22.

See the Product Earth website here. Get tickets here.

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