Could Cannabis Be A Tool To Enhance Your Spiritual Growth?

Throughout my journey in the ‘spiritual community’, I have come across a lot of stigma regarding the use of cannabis alongside meditation as a tool to enhance spiritual growth.

I have often been advised to not meditate high and told how it will prevent me from connecting to the source.

I have even been refused a spiritual treatment for being high!

This has always baffled me and a statement that I strongly reject based on personal experience.

Enhanced senses

As every cannabis user already knows, this magical plant has the ability to heighten all of our senses and experiences.

Being under the influence of cannabis can make your simple TV dinner taste like a gourmet meal, while a half-decent film can have you gripped to the screen in a hypnotic trance.

Or how about this: when stoned, a normally mind-bending piece of philosophy can touch you deeply and resonate with you like never before, potentially altering the trajectory of your life for the good.

Ancient Spiritual Uses of Marijuana

The use of cannabis to heal and enhance spiritual growth has been documented from some of the earliest cultures known to man.

? The ancient Egyptians used the revered herb to connect with their gods. There are also sacred scrolls from Egypt describing its medical uses, while the cannabis tree and leaf are featured throughout the culture’s hieroglyphic writings.

? In ancient China, tombs would be filled with cannabis to assist the soul with its ascension into the after-life.

? The ancient Japanese believed cannabis warned off evil spirits and would wear clothes of hemp armour during rituals.

? There are even a few shout outs to the plant in the Bible, referring to it as the ‘joy plant’ and mentioning its use during ceremonies.  

? Sacred Hindu texts list cannabis as one of the five most sacred plants on earth, referring to it as the ‘plant of happiness’ or the ‘joy-giver’. It is also said to be the favourite herb of Shiva, the Hindu God of Dance. During celebrations and worship dedicated to Lord Shiva, ‘Bhang’, a cannabis-infused drink, will traditionally be shared.

Bhang is drunk for a number of reasons. The Ayurvedic communities drink to induce a meditative dream-like state. In India, people drink it to cure fear and ward off evil spirits, while others drink for its versatile healing properties or to elevate the spirit. Others just to get high and have a good time!

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Modern Day Spiritual Uses.

Our modern world has continued to use cannabis as a tool for spiritual growth, from the tantric Buddhist to western Shamans. With many eastern cultures using cannabis as part of their everyday spiritual practice.


The Buddhist scripture ‘Tara Tantra’ even lists cannabis as an important aide for spiritual growth.

It is believed by many that the sacred herb allows you to enter a state of profound stillness, known as ‘samdhi’. A state familiar to many cannabis users, I’m sure.

Whether spending ten minutes engrossed in observing an ant go about its day or just being at peace staring aimlessly at nothing, I believe we’ve all experienced our own version of ‘samdhi’.?‍♀️?‍♂️


When thinking about cannabis as a spiritual ally, one of the first movements to come to mind would be the Rastafarians. Their ‘Holy Herb’, ‘Wisdom Weed’ or ‘Ganja’ has culturally enriched the movement since it began and has always been considered sacred.

Rasta’s believe many Biblical passages refer to their sacred plant such as…

  •  ‘The herb is healing the nations’ – revelations 22.2
  •  ‘Eat every herb of the land’ – Exodus 10.12.

Many of these passages were later quoted in the music of Bob Marley. Ganja is used in many of the Rasta rituals and ceremonies and a prayer is usually recited before smoking commences.

Rastafarians believe the smoking of ganja allows them to reach a cosmic consciousness and closer to ‘Jah’ (God). Ganja is also smoked before reasoning sessions (a time to debate living and public affairs). The group will smoke, meditate and then, with clear and authentic thoughts, discuss and resolve all matters.

I think it is time for the United Nations to take some tips ?

To be high or not to be high, that is the question?

Dopamine is a vitally important neurotransmitter and hormone that plays a big part in regulating motivation and emotional health.

From a scientific perspective, while long-term THC use blunts the dopamine system, we know that a single dosage of THC causes a dopamine release. As does meditation.

This suggests to me that occasionally using cannabis to assist your long-term meditation practice can be a very useful tool to enhance spiritual growth.

Tips for meditating with cannabis

If you are new to meditating after consuming cannabis, I would recommend starting with a very small amount, perhaps one or two puffs on a joint or vape.

CBD flower is also a good option for many. While it won’t get you high like THC-rich weed, it does offer very relaxing and calming effects that are ideal for meditation.

I personally love to meditate high. I have experienced many awakenings, epiphanies and divine moments under the influence.

Don’t get me wrong, we must all put in work on our own personal, spiritual growth and smoking a joint cannot do this hard work for you, but it can sure enhance the journey.

So, let’s elevate our spirits and release our HIGHER self!!!

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