CBD Flower Strain Review: Tropical Haze (20.01% CBD) from DopeBuds.co.uk

At a glance:

Strain: Tropical Haze

From: Dope Buds

Grown: Indoor

CBD content: 20.01%

Summary: The combination of 20%+ CBD, a decent 0.12% THC, and a fruity terpene profile creates a fantastically effective CBD strain.

Overall rating: 9/10

The Review

It’s been a good while since I tried anything from Dopebuds and I’ve often heard good reports about their flowers, so I thought I would make myself a cheeky order.

I chose Tropical Haze as it’s one of their newest strains, it’s their most potent at over 20% CBD (as well as having a respectable 0.12% THC), and I’m a sucker for fruity strains. Here goes…

Delivery and packaging: 9/10

I made my order on a Friday afternoon, at about 2pm, and it arrived early the next day! I was pretty surprised and very happy. 

The packaging, however, confused me a bit. After ripping open the envelope, I had to tear through another six plastic packages to get to the heat-sealed pouch that contained the buds. I’m all for making sure no smell gets through, but It seemed excessive. Having said that, it did preserve the integrity of the buds perfectly.

Aesthetics: 9.5/10

Big, puffy, frosty buds. This Tropical Haze from Dope Buds got me salivating when I first saw it. They’re not exactly dense or compact, but are certainly full bodied and retain a solid structure. They have a nice bounce when squeezed between the fingers.   

Pull them apart slightly and sticky-looking trichomes are even more visible. Truly mouth-watering. 

Smell: 8/10

Upon opening the heat-sealed pouch and stocking my nose deep inside, I straight away got a pleasant fruity smell. It’s not a potent stench, more of a subtly fruity and floral aroma, but it’s very nice and fresh. Possible pineapple tones in there.  

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 8.5/10

Rolled in a joint, this strain has a decent flavour. It’s not a strong flavour, but a fruitiness is there. It’s also a very smooth smoke and it was very enjoyable to sit down with a joint as an after-work reward. 

Vaping: 9.5/10

This strain vaped particularly well. It offered light fruity notes that lasted a long time – much longer than many CBD strains I’ve tried, which tend to lose flavour fairly quickly. Highly recommended for vapers out there. 

Effects: 10/10

My first experience of this strain was via my Pax 2 vaporiser while out shopping on a sunny day. After a long-lasting full chamber of tropical goodness, I felt supremely content and at ease. My mind slowed and I found myself noticing the details of my environment. 

After smoking a joint, I was anxiety-free and, again, very happy indeed. Also, it didn’t seem to make me tired or slow me down, so ideal for a morning/daytime session. I would say this strain is ideal for relieving stress and anxiety and would be a valuable tool for those who suffer with such conditions. 

Price: 8/10

At £8.99 per gram, this strain represents good value. It’s a shame that you don’t get a cheaper per gram price the more you buy, but it’s still a very good flower for a reasonable price. Shipping, however, is another £3.50 for recorded delivery. 

Overall: 9/10

The combination of 20%+ CBD, a decent 0.12% THC, and a fruity terpene profile creates a fantastically effective CBD strain. It’s smells tropical and looks as good as any THC-rich variety you might find. 

While the smoke is smooth and pleasant, it’s in the vape that you get the most out of this Tropical Haze. And after a few long pulls you feel like you’re relaxing on your own private tropical beach. 

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