Ultimate Guide To Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Part 9 (Final Thoughts & Smoke Report)

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After hanging for a few days in the heat, the autos were ready to go. I only ended up curing the Critical Neville Haze Autos as there was enough of it to bother, yields from the rest of the plants were pretty low, which shows I think that 10 litre pots are a probably a bit small on the auto side. You can go up to 50 litres or more if you like, but at least 20 litres is ideal.

(On the plant pot side of things I have just been testing out Lechuza self watering planters (a very posh ‘Hempy Bucket’) and the autos coming out of them are three times the size as those in standard pots, as well as highly vigorous. 

I don’t think I’ll be using normal pots again. These things beats smart pots by a mile, if a little pricey. It’s the nearest you get to outdoor hydroponics. But I digress.

You can see from the pictures above of the Neville’s Haze Autos that they did pretty well for an autoflower. They really sprang into life, with many side-branches and no popcorn type buds.

I didn’t weigh the Neville’s but I’d say each plant yielded around half an ounce after full drying and curing. The smoke was beautiful – an uplifting and focussed high that lasted for several hours. Really missing having it around now that it is gone! You could definitely get things done, not a couch lock in any way whatsoever. It also had a unique peppery taste.

The Jack 47, although yielding little compared to the Haze, was also a very pleasant daytime smoke that I would grow again and would recommend. A very happy and euphoric uplifting experience.

The Magnum I have a soft spot for and it doesn’t seem to have changed at all. This is the kind of plant that you smoke a bit of, then you go off and do something, get really involved, and some hours later realise that you haven’t had a smoke for a while. I think I actually prefer this to the Haze autos overall when it comes down to choice of smoke. I’ll be growing a lot more of these I think. 

Really nice long lasting stuff you know. Not one of those weeds that just has you smoking more and more and more of it, this stuff makes for great economy and I should grow more of it. Uplifting but happy, clear-headed high that has you doing stuff. Some of the best weed I have smoked actually, whether it be autoflowering or not. A firm favourite, though it looks like the Critical Neville Haze may have the edge on yields.

The Sensi White Diesel Haze, despite insect attack, survived OK. I need to grow this one again I think to get a better impression but the smoke that it did produce was very pleasant indeed. Euphoric and happy daytime material.

I think this grow would have done better with the addition of black strap molasses during the flowering period, but you can’t have everything!  

These autos are all pretty reliable bets, however, lately a new US breeder has come to town under the name of Mephisto Genetics, and their autos are apparently very well bred indeed. Definitely check them out too if you are interested in growing quality autoflowering cannabis.

4 Comments on “Ultimate Guide To Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Part 9 (Final Thoughts & Smoke Report)”

  1. Hi Andy I’m Jason
    Just about to start an autoflower grow any tips on getting CO2
    Into the grow tent thanks Jason

  2. Andy — thanks for the series, been fun following along.

    1) Did you just go by eye on when the plants were ready to harvest?

    2) With regards to the self-watering pots, would you also put any nutes in that too? I’d need to check them out but always worried about over feeding etc that with normal pots should (at least in my head) drain off.

    thanks again

  3. 1. Yes, plenty of brown hairs and the amount of time they had taken from germination.

    2. I have only tried Biotabs so far in these pots without issue. The question of using liquid nutes with them I hope to find out in the next few months 🙂 I am sure somebody must know? It’s like a posh ‘hempy bucket’ so you could look at people using those methods.

  4. Can you tell us a little more about how you use their pots? Did you use pon and soil on it? Did you use fertilizer? I think there should be a separate guide on these pots.

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