CBD Flower Strain Review: Mango Kush From Aunt Mary’s Flowers

At a glance

Strain: Mango Kush 

From: Auntmarysflowers.co.uk

Grown (indoor/outdoor/greenhouse): Indoor

Summary: “A solid 9/10 for this Mango Kush. It looks devine, all chunky and frosty, and smells delightfully nutty and kushy. I highly recommend vaping this for dense vapour clouds, deep earthy tones, and a unique tranquillity.”

Overall rating: 9/10


On my quest to find the best CBD flower in the UK, I decided to hit up Aunt Mary’s Flowers for a sample of their best strains.  

They sent over a few grams of bost Fire OG and Mango Kush – two stunning strains that each deserve to be reviewed. 

However, Fire OG is now out of stock so this review will focus on Mango Kush. 

The Review

Delivery and packaging: 10/10

I’ve been buying hemp bud from Aunt Mary’s Flower for years now, and they’ve always provided top quality products. When I reached out for a sample of their most highly rated flower, the team soon had a special gift box on the way to me. 

As well as CBD bud, the package also included some full spectrum CBD coconut oil capsules, some gummies, a CBD oil, a couple of pre-rolls, and even a sample of their latest product, a powerful mushroom tincture. 

The flower itself comes in sealed plastic pouches with a handy resealable pop-lock feature that allows you to keep your buds fresh after you open the pouch. 

The buds were well preserved in their packaging with no smell leaking out. 

Aesthetics (looks): 10/10

This Mango Kush looks the part. Buds are big, dense and covered in frosty trichomes. They’re also cured and trimmed to perfection. 

Colours present are dark green with signs of browny orange hairs. Pull the buds apart and you’ll see even more trichomes throughout the interior. 

Overall, it looks like top-shelf weed and I have no complaints whatsoever. 

Smell: 8.5/10

The aroma off the buds isn’t super potent, but it’s there alright. It’s quite musky and nutty, with a sweetness coming through after grinding. 

Taste (smoking vs vaping)

Smoking: 7.5/10

I’ll preface this section buy saying that I rarely enjoy smoking hemp flower on its own. Compared to the smooth, clean flavour of THC weed, I’ve not found a CBD strain that lives up to it. This includes American flower as well and EU varieties. 

When I tried this Mango Kush, the first half of the joint was decent. It was smooth to inhale and the taste was pleasant. Earthy and kushy. However, it did burn a bit too quickly – I think because it was slightly too dry. 

While smoking it on its own was not the best, mixed with a bit of THC weed it was wonderful. Thanks to its earthy tones, it made a great complement with a more gassy, terp-rich THC strain.  

Vaping: 9/10

Vaping this Mango Kush is a smooth, satisfying experience. The first few pulls in the vape gave me a light nutty flavour which slowly got deeper and more earthy. Hints of floral or a herby taste came through as well. 

One bowl took a good five minutes of solid clouds before the flavour dissipated. Great stuff!

Effects: 10/10

I first vaped this strain on a grey and gloomy Monday morning. Straight away I felt a boost in my mood and a calming of my mind. After about an hour of focused work, I actually felt ready for a lie down and a quick nap. However, some lunch helped me overcome these tired feelings and I powered through to the afternoon. 

The effects of CBD flower can be subtle and barely noticeable at the time. Not this strain. Effects were quite obvious – especially the relaxation of mind and body. Perfect for the end of the day, I’d say. A lovely treat after work or the gym. May cause naps if consumed early in the day. 

Price: 9/10

5g for £30 is a great price for top-shelf CBD flower like this. 10g is just over £50, so nearly £5 per gram. Great value in my opinion. 

Overall: 9/10

A solid 9/10 for this Mango Kush. It looks devine, all chunky and frosty, and smells delightfully nutty and kushy. I highly recommend vaping this for dense vapour clouds, deep earthy tones, and a unique tranquillity.

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