CBD And Sex: The Dirty Truth About The Latest Cannabis Craze

Sex can be the single most loving, most exhilarating, most rejuvenating, most energising, most enlightening physical experience us humans are capable of.

However, all too often, it isn’t any of these things. And much of that is down to fears, anxieties and hang-ups – whether it’s about how we look or how we perform.

So, with its well-proven anxiety-busting effects, can CBD help us have a better, more immersive and sensual sexual experience?

Yes, it would appear so according to a new survey conducted by Remedy Review, a hemp and CBD information and review website.

CBD and sex questionnaire

The survey looked at 5,398 Americans and found that 9.3% either currently or previously used CBD in their sex life.

Of these 502 people, it was self-reported that CBD can help stem negative thoughts during sex, enhance orgasm, and generally increase overall sexual satisfaction.

Some of the most intriguing results of the survey were to do with how CBD reduced performance anxiety, with 66 percent of both men and women saying that CBD helped them “ease the feeling that their anxiety would inhibit them from enjoying sex.”

Another 61 percent of men and 57 percent of women said it helped with more specific performance worries.

Better sex, better orgasms

This reduction in anxiety allows you to relax into the the experience and immerse yourself into the moment. Which is probably why 31 percent of male respondents said that CBD helped them last longer in bed before orgasm, while 33 percent of women said CBD allowed them to climax quicker.

Not only that, CBD can reportedly also enhance orgasmic intensity for both sexes. 72 percent of men and 76 percent of women said they experienced stronger orgasms. On the other hand, however, just less than 5 percent of all respondents reported having less intense orgasms after using CBD.


77% of respondents also found that the introduction of CBD into the bedroom was the catalyst for trying out something new. Some of the reasons given for the uptick in adventurousness included an increase in motivation to make a connection, improved mobility and easier arousal.

Other notable results of the survey include:

  • 98 percent of respondents who experienced post-sex soreness said CBD had a positive effect on it
  • 57 percent of respondents found that their relationship was more satisfying after the introduction of CBD for sex
  • 69 percent (cough, cough) said they would continue to use CBD for sexual enhancement

In a day and age when couples are having less sex, anxiety levels are through the roof and social media is replacing human intimacy for many people, CBD could be an invaluable tool to keep in your bedside table.

Not only can it help you relax and enjoy the moment, CBD can increase connection and spice up your sex life.

How to incorporate CBD into your sex life?

There are number of different products available that can be utilised in the sack. CBD lube is obviously your best bet. We recently tried the UK’s first intimate CBD oil, tellingly called Scream.

Alternatively, any old CBD oil could, in theory, do the trick, providing it is not too thick or contains bits of plant material. Check out our favourite UK CBD oils here.

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