60-Year-Old Cancer Patient Sentenced For Possession And Supply Of Cannabis

A 60-year-old woman suffering from stage 4 lung cancer has been given a six-month community order and a £10 fine after admitted possessing cannabis and supplying it to her husband and son.

As reported by the Daily Post, Heather Kennedy was using the cannabis in her food to soothe the pain caused by her cancer and claims she did not think giving some to her family was a crime.   


On the 25th of March last year, while Heather was at home with her granddaughter in Llandudno, local police conducted a search of her property. 

Prosecutor Alexandra Carrier said Heather told one of the officers: “I’ve got cannabis. I’m not going to lie.” 

During the search of the house, officers found Bob Marley branded snap bags inside of a larger bag down the side of the sofa.  

Additionally, £370 worth of cannabis was found along with £205 in cash and two mobile phones. 

The trial 

Heather had informed the court of her stage 4 lung cancer and stated that she consumed cannabis oil in the past, but it became overly expensive for her. So instead, she put cannabis in her food to help relieve the pain.  

The court also heard that she wasn’t aware that the supply of cannabis to family members was a crime. 

The judge of the trial, Nicola Saffman, noted that in spite of her medical and financial conditions, the possession of cannabis (a Class B drug) and the intent to supply it to her family members meant that she had broken the law. 

So the judge gave Heather a 6-month community order and handed her a whopping £10 fine which will contribute toward North Wales Police’s fight against drug crime. 

Harsh decision or justice served? 

Kennedy’s lawyer, Sarah Yates, defended her by saying she had been “vulnerable to an extent”, but she regrets what she has done and that this could be “possibly a lesson well-learned.” 

“It’s safe to say I don’t think we will see her back before this court again.” Yates added. 

But she also states that her client has lost her good name in the process. 

While judge Nicola Saffman said that Heather had committed offenses out of “sheer naivety” and told her before the court: “You are a lady of previous positive good character.” 

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