5 Unique Benefits Of CBD Patches

When I first heard about CBD patches, I assumed they were another gimmick like CBD pillows or CBD yoga pants

However, after trying them myself and giving them to loved ones to try, I’m now a convert.

The impressive bioavailability of CBD patches, as well as their long-lasting effects and ability to target specific areas, make them a very useful product to have in your medicine cupboard. 

These 30mg CBD patches from Brown’s CBD have surprised me so much that I was compelled to spread the word about the unique benefits of using them.  

What are CBD patches?

Transdermal CBD patches work much in the same way as nicotine patches do. Rather than nicotine, however, they slowly release CBD isolate through your skin and into your bloodstream.   

There’s only a couple of CBD patches on the market in the UK right now, ranging in potency and quality. 

Brown’s CBD has two options available – 15mg and 30mg patches. I tried the stronger option. You get 30 patches in each packet, totalling 900mg of CBD. 

Benefits of CBD patches 

After using CBD patches for a few days and then doing some research on them, I realised that they have some unique benefits that you don’t get from other CBD products like oils. 

Here are the main benefits of CBD patches that I have noticed:

  1. Bioavailability 

I found it quite surprising that the rate of absorption (bioavailability) of patches is very high at around 40-45%. This is 4x more effective than orally-consumed CBD, like oils and capsules.

  1. Targeted relief 

My father-in-law has terrible knee inflammation that, when it flares up, can make even walking difficult. I’ve given him CBD oils, capsules and balms before, and they help. But he says nothing helps quite like the CBD patches I gave him. 

This is because you can target areas of pain or inflammation so easily with a patch. And  because patches absorb so well, straight into the bloodstream at the site it’s needed most, they offer targeted relief like no other CBD product. 

  1. Long-lasting 

The CBD in patches is released slowly over a period of 24 hours to 36 hours, making the effects consistent and long-lasting. This is very much needed for people dealing with chronic pain or other chronic conditions. 

  1. Convenient 

CBD patches are very convenient to use. You slap one on your upper arm, painful area, or anywhere with not much hair (to save you a bit of discomfort when it comes to removing).  

They’re also very discreet, so no one will realise you are receiving a measured dose of CBD throughout the day.  

  1. Good value 

From Brown’s CBD, the patches I tried are 30mg per patch, 900mg per pack in total, for £30.99. That equals £3.44 per 100mg CBD, which is pretty good when compared to other products. 

Where to buy CBD patches in the UK?

As mentioned above, there aren’t a great deal  of CBD  patches on the UK market – particularly from well-established and reliable brands. 

Therefore, I believe Brown’s CBD to have the best CBD patches around. I already use Brown’s for raw CBDa capsules, which I love, and I’ve seen nothing but great reviews regarding their other products. 

Their CBD patches come in 15mg or 30mg per patch, are THC-free and are biodegradable. 

Buy Brown’s CBD Patches here

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