THC Limit For EU Hemp Set To Increase

Pressure is mounting on The European Union to change the legal limit of THC in hemp.

As reported by Hemp Today, the European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development recently approved a batch of proposals to the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) that would see THC limits increased from 0.2% to 0.3%.

European hemp campaigners have been pushing for an increase for some time. They say that having a 0.2% THC cap limits the varieties of hemp that they can grow, making it difficult to compete with other countries’ hemp programs.

The 0.2% THC limit applies to the growing plant, not to finished hemp-based products. We discuss this in more detail here.

Many want the limit to be raised to 1%, which is what they have in Switzerland, although it’s unlikely that it will be approved.

Limits could be raised for 2021 growing season

Introduced in 1962, the EU’s Common Agriculture Policy is set for a fresh round of reforms in 2021. So, should the changes be approved by the EU Parliament and EU Council, it will be a few years until they come into play.

The THC limit for hemp grown in the EU used to be 0.3% up until 1999.

Speaking to HempToday, EIHA’s Managing Director Lorenza Romanese said, “It represents a major step forward for the sector. EIHA worked hard to assure the positive vote.”

There are currently 68 varieties of hemp on the EU-approved list. They are all chosen for their low THC content and for characteristics like strong stems (for fibre) and plentiful seeds (for food).

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  1. Doesn’t make much difference to us the consumer, but if it’s good for the growers and helps the hemp industry, then it’s good news. Hey Jack, have you tried the stuff from Zenon hemp farms? I was just wondering how it was, thinking that my next order will be from there. Industrial hemp like futura and felina are by far the most economical way of getting cbd, all it’s fellow cannabinoids and terpenes.

    Also you have in your recommended list, I actually bought from them in the past, but the site hasn’t been working for a while. I think they may have shut up shop, which is a shame, they had a nice range at good prices.

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