Review: OG Kush CBD Vape Cart From Brown’s CBD

I’ve tried loads of CBD cartridges and vape pens. A few have been great, but the majority have been forgettable. 

So, as I’ve been loving Brown’s CBD’s products recently – their “raw” CBDa oil and capsules in particular – I decided to try out their new vape carts. 

After trying Brown’s OG Kush flavoured CBD distillate cart, and being impressed by the flavour, effects and price, I was compelled to write a review. 

First impressions  

My OG Kush cart arrived along with a 510 vape battery from Brown’s CBD. The cart came in a small branded pouch and the battery in a small box.

While giving the battery a quick charge, I opened the pouch and inspected the cartridge. It was white, sleek and discreet. The golden CBD distillate looked thick and clean. 

The cart had a rubber stopper in the end to stop the distillate leaking out. It did its job well, although the aroma of the terpenes came through slightly. 


I must say, the best thing about this CBD cartridge, in my opinion, is the taste. I’ve tasted lots of CBD vapes before, but this one is just so smooth and flavourful that it really stands out amongst the crowd. 

The cannabis-derived terpenes are formulated so well that they taste very similar to the cannabis strain they’re based on – OG Kush, in this case. 

Skunky, floral and spicy notes are easily detected, but they are far from overpowering or harsh on the throat at all – like some distillate blends can be. 

I haven’t tried the other two flavours – Garlic Breath and Maui Wowie – but I certainly plan to when I get through this OG Kush.  


As well as an expertly formulated blend of cannabis-derived terpenes, this distillate contains 250mg of CBD, 70mg of CBG, trace amounts of cannabinoids such as CBC and CBDV, and less than 0.05% THC. 

This full spectrum of cannabinoids is more effective than products made from isolated cannabinoids thanks to the entourage effect – which describes the synergistic effects of multiple compounds working together.

Vaping is also a very efficient method of administering cannabinoids, with a higher than 50% absorption rate – much more than with oils or edibles. 

The main effects I notice from this blend are relaxed focus and the alleviation of tension. I found it great for quick boosts in concentration, unwinding at the end of the day, and post-workout recovery. 


I can’t fault the quality of this CBD vape cartridge. Not only is the distillate of the highest quality, the hardware is sleek and easy to use – just charge and vape. Additionally, the 510 battery that Brown’s sells lasts a good amount of time. 

After the initial charge when I first received it, I’ve not had to charge it again in almost three weeks of daily use.  

There’s also been no issues with any leakages, even though I have lost the rubber cap that goes in the end of the mouth piece. 

Value for money

At £24.99, these vape carts from Brown’s CBD are good value for money. I’ve been using mine daily for three weeks and it still looks like there’s over half left. 

Due to the potency and high absorption rates, you can also get good effects from low doses, meaning your money goes further than if you were to buy an expensive CBD oil. 

If you don’t have a 510 vape battery already, you can get one from Brown’s for just £9.99. Not bad considering you only need to buy it once and can use it with other cartridges.


Overall, I highly recommend this CBD distillate cart from Brown’s CBD. The taste is delicate and smooth and very similar to the real thing. 

Effects-wise, the combination of CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids alongside the cannabis-derived terpenes makes for a very effective product. Expect tension relief and focus. 

It’s also well-made and lasts a long time. I’ll definitely be trying the other two flavours as soon as this OG Kush runs out. 

Buy the cart for £24.99 and the battery for £9.99

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