CBGx E-Liquid Review (300mg CBD X 300mg CBG)

Although you can expect it to change over the coming months, right now there aren’t many CBG products available in the UK.

We’ve previously highlighted a few CBG-containing oils here, and a couple of vape products here

This review will be looking at one of the products mentioned in the latter article – CBGx E-liquid from Ice Head Shop.


With equal amounts CBD and CBG, this is a unique product in the UK. In fact, I understand it’s one of the only vape liquids around with such high amounts of CBG – known as the stem cell or mother cannabinoid as it is the precursor to all other cannabinoids, including CBD and THC.

I tested out the 600mg version – which has 300mg of CBD and 300mg of CBG – in two flavours, Sunny Orange D and Key Lemon Pie. Key Lemon Pie is made with real terpenes, while Sunny Orange D uses natural flavours. A number of other flavours are available, such as OG kush and Rainbow Skitz. 

An equal amount of PG and VG is used alongside CBD and CBG isolate, terpenes or flavours.

Ice Head Shop has a sale in, meaning the 600mg versions cost just £23.99.   


I’m most impressed by the Key Lemon Pie flavour. Perhaps because it’s made with real terpenes, I find it has a bit more depth and uniqueness to it. The more I had of this Lemon Key Pie, the more I appreciated the flavour. 

The Sunny Orange D also tastes good – like orange juice, perhaps unsurprisingly – it’s just a bit more like a generic e-liquid flavour. 

Overall, this isn’t a product for a connoisseur/flavour-chaser. However, considering the very low prices, the flavours are more than palatable and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that you enjoy. I’d like to give the OG Kush a try next.


I find CBD products to have very subtle effects on me. Most oils and e-liquids I barely notice. It’s only CBD flower that has any obvious and immediately noticeable effects on me – this is probably because of the numerous other compounds (terpenes, flavonoids, ‘minor’ cannabinoids) that are present in whole-plant products like flower.  

Well, after one hit of my vape pen filled with 600mg CBGx e-liquid, I felt it straight away. 

I felt a little bit high to be very honest. Like I had a microdose of THC. Also, whereas when I vape CBD flower I feel it most in my body, this I felt more in my head. It feels ever so slightly psychoactive!

I would describe the effects of this product, which has a ratio of 50:50 CBD to CBG, as somewhere between CBD and THC. I reserve it for night time use mostly, as it can leave me feeing a bit sedated. 

I’d imagine, and judging from numerous reports I’ve read about CBG, that this CBGx vape liquid, with the combination of both CBD and CBG, would be especially useful for pain relief and treating sleep disorders. 


For 600mg of cannabinoids – including CBG, which is generally more expensive than CBD – in a 10ml bottle, £23.99 is a cracking price.  They also have 300mg for £14.99, 150mg for just £9.99 and a stonking 1,200mg for £31.99!

I don’t know any better value CBG products than that. 


If you are looking for an extremely affordable CBG e-liquid, you cannot go wrong with this CBGx range. 

With equal amounts of CBG and CBD, the effects are surprisingly strong. The Lime Key Pie is especially tasty, and other flavours are certainly worth checking out too. 

To be honest, at this price, a potent product from a well-trusted shop such as Ice Head Shop is a wonderful addition to the UK’s cannabinoid market. 

You can see the whole range here

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