Canadian Cannabis Company Foots The Treatment Bill For Severely Epileptic UK Girl, Highlights NHS’ Inadequacy

Aphria have done what the NHS should have done and put Jorja first.”

A Canadian medical cannabis company has shown ul the NHS by taking covering the expensive treatment costs of a severely epileptic girl in the UK.

A clear demonstration that medical cannabis laws in the UK are far from adequate and not working, even for those most clearly in need of these life-changing cannabis oils.

Meet Jorja, 3

Jorja Emerson, aged three, was one of the first children to be prescribed medical cannabis in the UK after the regulations changed. However, because of strict rules on who can actually administer medical cannabis, she cannot get any.

Cannabis oil is currently only available to those who can afford to have a private prescription, which costs in the region of £1000 per month.

This makes the treatment unaffordable for most people, and is potentially a death sentence for many.

Progressive Canada

In Canada, where medical and recreational cannabis have both been legalised, they are a long way from the UK’s inadequate and blinkered system.

Which is why Canadian cannabis company Aphria have decided that they will foot the bill for Jorja’s treatment.

Humanity at work. Something woefully lacking in the UK’s cannabis regulations, where profit is clearly still more important than people.

Jorja’s father said:

‘Until this is sorted, families will have to continue travelling abroad to obtain medicine for their children illegally, or like me, go private to get help for our children.’

Jorja was diagnosed with severe epilepsy in 2017 and since then her parents have been relying on the kindness of well wishers, friends and family to foot the expensive bills for her treatment.


Medical cannabis company Aphra has now stepped in and put the interests of the child first. Something that is still not happening in the UK but needs to change right now.

What an absolutely ridiculous situation we have where a cannabis company in Canada is having to supply life-saving oil to families who desperately need it in the UK, the world’s largest supplier of medical cannabis.

‘Aphria have done what the NHS should have done and put Jorja first.’

Mr Emerson stated.

‘The team in Canada are full of emotion knowing that they have saved my daughter’s life.’

And so they should be.

Change needed in UK

It is enormously sad that these incredible gestures of kindness have become necessary in a modern world. They show that the cannabis laws in the United Kingdom need urgent attention.

In the UK, under NHS guidelines only medical cannabis specialists can issue prescriptions because of a “limited evidence base”.

People are going to die unless the NHS and government drop the reefer madness line and look around the world at what is happening NOW.

There is a wealth of information emerging worldwide about the efficacy of cannabis, as well as long-established studies.

What could be more cruel and ignorant than to dismiss the most therapeutic plant on our planet as being without evidence?

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