Worldwide Cannabis Prices Surge by Up To 200% Amid Lockdowns

Unsurprisingly, the current lock down of nations and enforced social distancing is having a big effect on the global illegal drug market.

While demand for stimulants such as cocaine appears to be waning, demand for cannabis has exploded. And increasingly restrictive lock down measures are motivating many cannabis consumers to buy more than they usually would in order to stock up for the long haul. 

But in areas where access to growers and dealers is becoming more difficult, we’re seeing prices for cannabis rise – by as much as 200% in some places. 

Regular prices

In the UK, an eighth (3.5g) of good weed will cost you between £20-40, depending on where you are and the origin of the cannabis (imported or home grown). You can usually get an ounce (28g) for anywhere between £150 and £200. 

Hash is cheaper, though less common in the UK. It’s more popular on the continent – with much of the product coming into Europe from Morocco via Spain. A gram of hash is about €5/6 on average in Europe. 

Lockdown prices in France & Spain 

There’s only been a handful of reports of cannabis prices in the UK shooting up so far. However, we are a few weeks behind countries such as France and Spain, where we’re seeing prices go up as supply falls and dealers charge a premium.

In France, “the price of a 100 gram bar of resin went from 280 euros to 500 euros in a week in Marseille,” a senior police union official told Reuters

In Spain, where up to one in ten of the population smoke cannabis, hash is selling for up to €15 a gram – three times its usual price – reports the Olive Press

Rising prices in UK

Over here in the UK, where restrictions are surely going to tighten further in the coming days, there have been isolated reports of rising cannabis prices. The highest we’ve heard an ounce going for so far has been £250. 

However, it will get worse. Dealers will soon be running low and unable to restock. What is still available will be charged a premium for. 

That’s why now is a smart time to start growing your own. Thousands of others are thinking along the same lines, with seed sales exploding over the last week. 

Check out Tyler from iSmoke discussing this issue here.

How to buy weed online

With street dealers locked up their homes for the foreseeable future, having the ability to buy weed online becomes very useful. 

But don’t be intimidated by terms like ‘dark web’ and ‘Bitcoin. The truth is both of these things are easy to understand and buying weed on the internet is similarly as simple.  

If you want to learn more, we’ve got you covered with this guide. 

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  1. Please can you anyone’s mind giving me cheap but good stuff to to buy for a first time grower thanks for your time and I need to have to cheap but good stuff to and steps from the start to finish in grow

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