The Best CBD Vape Pen In The UK

I’ve not been the biggest fan of vaping CBD e-liquid. That’s because I don’t like vaping potentially dangerous additives like PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) and vitamin E oils – especially dodgy, synthetic tocopheryl-acetate from China. Even MCT oil – medium-chain triglycerides derived from coconut oil – I’m not a fan of.

I like my products clean and as close to natural as possible, which is why I will always favour CBD hemp flower for getting my CBD. (I also prefer to use a dry herb vape over smoking to further improve its safety profile.)  

However, I have come across two CBD vape pens that meet my standards of containing no additives; just cannabinoids and terpenes. And I believe these two products to be the best and safest CBD vape pens available in Europe right now. They’re also probably the next best thing to CBD hemp flower.

They are the Phenopen and this vape pen from Synergy Extracts. In this article, I’m going to take a look at both while highlighting the pros and cons of each one.  

1. Synergy Extracts Vape Pen

I’d heard a lot of great things about this company before I indulged in one of their vape pens. And boy I was not disappointed. Its strong ceramic design feels durable and expensive, the taste is incredible, and the effects are pronounced thanks to 54% CBD in each cartridge. 

And that’s what sets this vape pen apart from the Phenopen; the amazing cannabis strain-inspired flavours that are available. This unique innovation allows you to tailor your experience for different purposes – i.e. choosing between day-time “sativa flavours” like Tangerine Dream, OG Kush, Gelato, Pineapple Express, and night-time “indica flavours” like Lavender Kush, Black Cherry Soda, Grandaddy Purple, Raspberry Cookies.

The terpenes used are non-cannabis derived botanical terpenes which are used in conjunction with the natural cannabis terpenes already present in the hemp extract.

This is classed as a ‘broad spectrum’ CBD product as while it does contain trace amounts of CBDV and CBC, all traces of THC have been removed. 

At £49.50, this vape pen is also more than half the price of a Phenopen. Additionally, you can purchase cartridges separately for £34.95. 


  • Good value
  • Impressive range of flavours available 
  • No THC (pro for some)
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Big clouds from short puff


  • No THC (con for some)
  • Non-cannabis derived terpenes are used 

2. The Phenopen

Now this unassuming little vape pen really surprised me. It’s small, light, and packs a punch with 59.7% CBD per 0.5ml cartridge. 

And the best thing about it is that the other 40.3% is made from pure hemp extract – meaning a full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids, and traces of other cannabinoids, including 0.085% THC. 

It’s also very well-made, GMP certified, and is shipped free all over the world.

The main downside, however, is it’s retail price. The starter kit, which comes with one cartridge, costs 129 Euros (appox’ £129). For additionally carts, it appears you have to buy a pack of four, which costs 128 Euros. 

It’s website says one cartridge “should suffice for an average use of one week,” which comes to about £30 a week in addition to the initial outlay for the device. 

Another thing to note is that the Phenopen only comes in one flavour – a very hempy flavour that is. Now I quite like the taste, but others may not. It’s not an overly strong taste, but it is distinctive to say the least. 


  • 100% hemp ingredients
  • Not made with isolate
  • Full spectrum (with THC)
  • Pulls easily and big clouds
  • Highly effective
  • GMP certified
  • Small and light


  • Expensive
  • One flavour 

Buy the Phonopen here.

So there you have it. With these two CBD vape pens you can’t go wrong. Neither contains any additives or fillers, just 100% botanical chemicals. They are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids and are highly effective. 

Happy vaping!

Main photo by Dani Ramos on Unsplash

4 Comments on “The Best CBD Vape Pen In The UK”

  1. Hello Jack,

    Great article. Do you get the same effects (mood enhancement, body buzz, contentment) from using these pens, as you do from vaping cbd flower?

    I love vaping cbd flower but would like to try something a little different.

    1. Hi John, thanks for the comment. Although it’s very similar, I do feel like the pens slightly lack something. Less body buzz, perhaps. They’re certainly worth a try though.

  2. Great article. Do you get the same effects (mood enhancement, body buzz, contentment) from using these pens, as you do from vaping cbd flower?

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