Visiting A Barcelona Cannabis Club (Headbanger): Everything You Need To Know

After spending some time perusing Weedmaps for a suitable Barcelona cannabis club, we identified one that fulfilled our requirements.

These requirements included openness to accepting new members and promising online reviews. Headbanger, located on Carrer de Lepant, fit the bill.

We emailed them a couple of weeks prior to our arrival to let them know when we intended to visit the club. This is always worth doing as not every club accepts non-local members and those that do usually require you to arrange an appointment rather than just showing up at the door.

You can contact headbanger directly from their home page here.

The club confirmed by email and we were set.

Arriving in Barcelona

We landed at Barcelona airport at around 2pm and got a taxi directly to the club, (which cost 36 euros and took around 30 minutes).

The entrance to the club can be found on an average Barcelona street. You go in through an external door which has a Cannabis Association sign on it, you then have to push a buzzer and wait for a member of staff.

Despite the fact that the club did not appear to be expecting us, the guy was helpful and happy that we had emailed ahead. After a few minutes waiting in a holding room downstairs, we were led up to the main club – an open area with comfortable seating and low tables ideal for skinning up.

Relaxed and welcoming

When we arrived there were probably fewer than ten people in the club, it was very relaxed and we felt welcome.

There was a main counter, behind which were many jars of different cannabis strains for sale. On the counter was a digital scale used to weigh out purchases.

Strain prices ranged from 7 to 13 euros (£6-11.50) per gram. There was one organic strain, the rest were not.

There was no alcohol for sale, but you could get water and soft drinks. Grinders were readily available, so don’t worry about that. And, of course, there were rizlas galore.

Some very basic paperwork was necessary before we could buy anything, however. Basically, we just had to supply identification documents (Passport or driving licence) and sign some declarations.

This took a little time, but not too long. The guy behind the counter was also having to deal with existing members entering the club as well as us.

Time to buy

Once we had registered and received our plain green membership, it was time to negotiate the rather overwhelming but marvellous menu.

It was all a bit much, to be honest, so we stuck with what we knew and bought 5 grams of NYC Diesel, to begin with, planning to return to the counter after relaxing with a spliff and considering our next move.

Having landed in Barcelona not long previously, we were keen to get a joint together. We did so. And following this, we became extremely stoned.

We relaxed for an indeterminate amount of time in the club and watched the general comings and goings with great interest.

Conversation and patience

Some guys from the UK arrived and we struck up a conversation with them as we smoked more Diesel and became utterly blasted. They had just joined the club as well.

Now, getting the rest of the weed for the weekend and getting out of the club seemed to become an almost impossible task.

A small but apparently slow-moving queue had formed at the counter. This, combined with our inebriated state, meant buying more weed was going to happen, it was just going to take a little time.

Patience is clearly important here (perhaps Spain in general). Things happen at the pace that they happen.

There is no rushing or hurrying up. This is not like a queue at a bar. The menu for the weed was on a monitor that kept changing every few seconds, making it quite difficult to actually read. But that would be my only criticism.

Top picks

We waited a little while longer and before I knew it I was back at the magical counter, this time with a different member of staff, doing my best to make some selections for the weekend, as pictured below:

After some very stoned deliberation, we decided to buy some NYC Diesel, Somango, Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream Extract and Black Domina, as well as some of the club’s own high grade which came in at 13 euros on the gram.

All were extremely high quality, well-cured and strong as you like. We’re looking forward to going back already. We particularly enjoyed the NYC Diesel.


It was clear the guy behind the counter knew his trade well and he was able to dispatch pieces of weed from his jars onto the weighing scales with high speed and frightening pinpoint accuracy to a point tenth of a gram.

It was a pleasure to watch the guy at work. Clearly a master of his trade. During an earlier exchange discussing the quality of his weed, he said to my friend: “I do not sell shit.” And he is correct.

When we did finally manage to clamber out of the club and onto the street initially slightly disorientated, where we were astonished to find that we were just metres away from the well known Gaudi cathedral, which made the day even more wonderful.

Thanks to the guys at Headbanger. Hopefully see you again soon!

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    1. Did you visit the Headbangers joint,if so it is the one in Spain isn’t it,as I’m after a cannabis holiday myself and it’s easier than the other ways to have a canna holiday!! Ha ha, but seriously I would love it if you could send me an answer, about the Headbangers joint! And the qaulity of the product,and do you know the name of the campsite near the sea??? With thanks!!

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