UK’s Largest Cannabis Company Finally Fulfils Little Girl’s Medicinal Cannabis Prescription

Cannaray, the UK’s largest cannabis company, has announced its first fulfilment of a prescription for medicinal cannabis to a UK patient.

Jorja Emerson, a three-year-old British girl who suffers from severe epilepsy, is the recipient – as well as the daughter of the company’s first Director of Patient Support, Robin Emerson.

Cannaray worked in collaboration with one of the world’s largest cannabis companies, Aphria Inc, in order to be able to fulfil the prescription.

Aphria produces novel cannabis formulations and delivery systems that are to European medical standards which are currently not available from other sources for UK patients, reports Health Europa.

Cannaray recently cemented its position as one of Europe’s leading medical cannabis and CBD companies with a Series A funding round securing a tidy £7.8 million.

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Cannaray CEO, Scott Maguire, told health Europa: “We are pleased to assist Robin in accessing treatment for his daughter and we will continue to drive for broader and continuous cannabis access for patients.”

Jorja’s father, Robin Emerson, has agreed to work with Cannaray patients and families by offering support and first-hand insight to those seeking cannabis prescriptions or undergoing treatment.

He said he’s “delighted to join the Cannaray team in being able to bring real-world knowledge for the company to understand the patient needs and requirements.”

Cannarary have also announced a new round for expansion in 2020 following on from the success of the most recent outreach.

Jorja Emerson, from County Down in Northern Ireland, got her prescription back in January 2019 through a specialist doctor. It was fulfilled through a London pharmacy, costing Jorja’s family £1,000 per month for the medicine.

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It was then reported in April that, as the NHS won’t prescribe her the medicine, Canadian firm Aphria has staged a ‘life-saving’ intervention in offering to fulfil the prescription free-of-charge.

Cannabis oil cuts Jorja’s number of daily seizures from 30 to as few as three, her father says.

Medicinal cannabis has been legal in the UK since November 2018. However, there have only been a handful of prescriptions since.

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