UK Weed Is Getting Better And Better: Here Are 4 Reasons Why

Have you noticed a better choice of weed recently? Are more ‘high end’ types of weed becoming available to you? What is going on here?

We believe there are a number of factors at play:

1. The US Market

This has changed a lot of people’s opinions on what good weed is. Thanks to widespread legalisation, the cannabis culture in the US (and Canada) is more mature in many ways than in the UK.

However, advancements in cultivation and breeding in the US has inspired a burgeoning underground scene in the UK based around imported cannabis. Search #flownherenotgrownhere on Instagram for a look at this active community.

Hailing from the US, the strain ‘OG Kush’ was probably the first to become ubiquitous around the planet, shortly followed by the likes of Sour Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies and a cartload of others.

Yes, the UK was responsible for ‘Cheese’, but little else on the world stage – at least that we know about. Let us know in the comments if you know better.

You can now buy sealed tins of Californian weed in the UK for £75-£100. Yep, that’s up to £100 for an eighth! Clearly, for some people, this is no problem at all. Not everybody wants ‘Skunk’ that will blow your brains out. Many of the original strains from Colorado, for example, are uplifting and energising – ideal for carrying out outdoor activities.

2. The Dark Markets

The proliferation of the dark web has certainly led to a higher quality of cannabis being generally available.

By following guides like this, anybody with internet access can go and create an account and order decent quality cannabis to be delivered to their door. It’s just a question of dealing with Bitcoin and the underground equivalent of Amazon for drugs.

There are some vendors that have been operating on the dark markets quite successfully without interruption for several years. This has definitely affected local cannabis black markets as now anybody can be a weed dealer if they so wish.

More strains (including exotic imports) are available than ever before. Many with next day delivery, and not just in small quantities either.

The ’eBay’ type market – with customer feedback and reviews clearly visible for each vendor – ensures that products are of the best quality. As is the case with Amazon and eBay, bad reviews will quickly lead to a lack of business.

3. Social Media

As well as the Dark Markets many dealers have taken to utilising social media channels. This puts pressure on them to deliver a good product as word travels media platforms, so this is going to be a driving factor when it comes to quality.

Instagram has become well known as a platform for weed dealers and a huge amount of dealing happens using Facebook and Whatsapp. All this means more weed is available to more people and more places than previously was the case.

4. Global changes

European laws are softening in many countries, the UK is actually pretty far behind places like Thailand, Canada and the US but changes of laws in neighbouring countries (even places like France) almost certainly have an effect on how growing is viewed and therefore implemented by the public.

This in turn can amplify the output of black market cannabis in various regions.

On top of this, various sunny European countries are now signing growing contracts for medical cannabis to be grown on their lands. This will, without doubt, affect neighbouring countries’ cannabis markets.

The Spanish market is starting to mature, although without any full legalisation in place trade is not as fast flowing as it could be in the open. They certainly do export their weed though, and Spanish organic weed done well can be a truly special thing.

As laws around the world become more relaxed (and add to that the recent UN rescheduling of cannabis) we should soon be seeing even more good quality cannabis as cross border trade slowly becomes a reality and countries like Jamaica can finally reap the rewards from their unique crops.

6 Comments on “UK Weed Is Getting Better And Better: Here Are 4 Reasons Why”

  1. @Andy Personally I think its the wide range of (pips) seeds available now.
    There’s guarantee there’s thousands upon thousands of growers in the U.K.
    I know of someone that only grows the yankie stuff.

  2. I’ve noticed a massive change in the last six months of the cbd strains available and the quality is now so much better and most importantly the competition and prices are coming down with it (I may be hated by some companies ?‍♂️?) give the public what they deserve I say

    1. I’ve noticed a lot more CBD strains available this year. The first CBD I bought and try was around april-may last year and it was suzi q and it was just awful with no taste and no effect 🙁

      1. For sure there was some crap last year and unfortunately some still going at high prices. I got some yesterday which would have been top dollar and it’s was dark mouldy feeling with seeds ?‍♂️ It did have an amazing taste tho but could that be added ?‍♂️

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