UK Survey Reveals What Us Brits Really Think About CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is everywhere. It’s in our health food shops, pharmacies, online stores, coffee shops and restaurants. But how much do we really know about it?

A recent survey conducted by CBD-Intel has uncovered many of the perceptions and misconceptions that surround CBD.

The survey included a sample of the population including those had tried CBD, those who use it regularly, and those who did neither.

Despite having hit the mainstream in a big way it is often met with confusion: Will it get me high? Why should I take it? Are you sure it’s legal?

Even if you know that it won’t get you high and that it is legal, you still may be unsure what it does. Or even, how it could benefit you.

‘[CBD users] do not closely associate CBD with marijuana’

Many CBD users who took part in the survey appeared to link CBD with health and were not concerned about any link with highly psychoactive (THC-rich) cannabis.

However, many people who have not yet tried it were still unsure of its legal status.

‘More women than men have tried CBD in the UK’

This isn’t confined to CBD, with global studies showing that women are more ready to accept the benefits of complementary and alternative medicines.

It seems that women are open to exploring wider options when it comes to better health.

‘Those who haven’t used CBD, associate it with medical use’

Many of the findings pointed out that people associated it only with specific conditions and were unaware that it can be used to improve general wellbeing.

While many studies and consumer reports indicate that there are strong links between improved symptoms in a wide range of conditions, those who use it as part of a regular supplement routine also report better overall wellbeing.

Here are some examples of how CBD can increase general wellbeing:

  • Relief from social anxiety
  • Recovery after exercise or a long day at work
  • Calm the mind and promote good mental health
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve skin and hair health

‘Men who are already health-conscious are more likely to try CBD’

A pre-existing interest in improving your health seems to be enough for some men to investigate further and give CBD a try.

This may be in part due to CBD and cannabis’s widely-reported popularity among high-level athletes.

‘More education is required’

The main barrier for people to try and then consume CBD regularly seems to be knowledge. Little seems to be understood about specific and general benefits.

The facts are also often muddled up with fears linked to THC-rich cannabis that do not apply to CBD products.

Coordinated research and information is going to be key as this industry moves forwards.

This February Members of the European parliament released a resolution making people aware of their belief for coordinated definitions and research to allow medical cannabis products to be better understood.


These fascinating findings have given a glimpse into a newly-established product that still has lots to prove. People are welcoming CBD into their lives, but still don’t understand exactly what it is.

Correct information about these products should be ready and available to everyone. That is exactly our aim here at High & Polite.

So please share your knowledge with your friends, family and community. The potential benefits for everyone in the UK are vast.

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