UK Police Are Cracking Down On Cannabis Sent In The Post

It’s an open secret that a number of UK residents have been using the Her Majesty’s Royal Mail postal service to courier cannabis and other illegal drugs around the country.

However, while this has been a pretty safe way of delivering illicit goods for a number of years, we have reason to believe that the UK police are now clamping down on the practice.

Sniffer dogs and scanning

We have heard reports of an increase in sniffer dogs at sorting offices as well as more packages and envelopes being put through scanners.

While these reports are unofficial, there is evidence that the police are turning their attention to cannabis being sent in the post. The tweet below by Peterborough Police reveals a recent haul of edibles and concentrates found by the authorities.

A number of people in various cannabis-related Facebook groups have also reported that their illicit orders have not arrived. This is unusual as it is very rare for packages containing cannabis to not reach their destination.

It’s not all lost, however, as it seems that packages sent by Special Delivery and private courier companies are landing successfully.  

Why now?

This latest ramp up in postal security may be tied to the recent explosion of CBD flower (hemp buds). As the number of online CBD flower shops has grown massively in the last 12 months, the popularity of these buds (which are sent in the post) has become hard to ignore.

However, the industry looks like it’s about to also be shaken up following the first conviction for selling CBD hemp flower. For more on the legality of hemp flower and the expected coming crackdown, read this.

And then there’s all the dark web, which has also grown substantially in popularity in recent years, which generally relies on the post to deliver products. In fact, a few of the major markets on the dark web have recently closed down amid a wave of law enforcement actions in the U.S.

Could this also be linked to the crackdown on sending cannabis is the post? It’s possible.

Whatever the reasons, it might be a good time to start using a private courier company for your more important deliveries.

One Comment on “UK Police Are Cracking Down On Cannabis Sent In The Post”

  1. Oh dear this getting really bad 🙁
    Will the police bust the people who supposed to get the CBD product with the address found on the packages ? I hope not.
    I don’t want to go back on the THC.
    We need for CBD and THC to be legal, like the most countries on this planet !!

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