UK Patient Successfully (And Legally) Brings High-THC Medical Cannabis Flowers Into The UK

In what is one of the first instances of its kind, a UK citizen has successfully – and legally – acquired cannabis flowers to be used as a legal medical treatment.  

The medical cannabis patient, who has been posting updates on Reddit, recently picked up their prescription for Bedrocan (cannabis flowers with 22% THC and <0.1% CBD ) in Amsterdam and returned with to the UK.

Medical cannabis has been legal since November 1st 2018. However, getting a prescription has not been easy for many.

These high-THC buds were prescribed on November 7th by a private doctor. The Reddit user, tiekey613, said getting a private prescription “wasn’t too difficult”.

“I went to the surgeon who operated on my spine a couple of years ago, described my symptoms, he did a physical examination, went through the other medications I’d be[en] prescribed, which, in his words: “you’ve had absolutely everything possible”, sent me for another MRI and nerve tests, and gave me a prescription for Bedrocan.”

The poster suffers from degenerative disk disease and several herniated disks, which has led to permanent nerve damage.

They go on to reveal that the prescription had instructions for the patient to “inhale three times a day” with the use of a vaporiser.

“I need to have a high tolerance, so as to be able to get effective pain relief without being couch-locked all day, every day. I need to work and I have kids.”

When it came to purchasing the medical cannabis, the patient decided that rather than wait for a UK pharmacy to source it, they would pick it up in Amsterdam, Holland, where cannabis is legally available for medicinal use.

“I could probably have got it here, but the pharmacist is still trying to source. Eventually he’ll find a way, but for now, it’s cheaper and easier just to fly. It cost less than €6 a gram, plus about £100 for flights.”

Prescription for Bedrocan 22% THC cannabis flower on UK tabletop

When asked what procedure they went through upon entering the UK, the poster said there were “ready with all documentation to declare at customs” but there was no-one there” – which they said was ”slightly disappointing” – so they “just walked through”.

Bedrocan is a Dutch company – the only company licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health to produce medical flos (the whole, dried flower). It is also one of the few providers of medical products that UK specialists can now prescribe. They offer both regular flower and full extract oils.

As of November 1st, Bedrocan products are Schedule 2 drugs in the UK. Therefore, so long as you have a prescription, it is perfectly legal to import up to three month’s supply with no obligation to declare it at customs.

The government’s ‘personal import policy’ can be seen here.

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  1. My doctor had already agreed that I was ok to refer after work accident has left me in a very similar position and then chronic pain was withdrawn for 1st November, roll on October 2019

      1. Bedrocan products are now schedule 2 drugs in the UK. Provided you have a prescription, it is perfectly legal to import in person up to three month’s supply and there is no obligation to declare it at customs.

  2. Office of Medicinal Cannabis

    Import and Export

    Foreign patients

    A European non-Dutch patient can, in principle, obtain medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands using a prescription from their own doctor.

    The procedure is as follows:

    The patient must have a valid prescription from any doctor within the European Union.
    A wholesaler or pharmacy in the country in question must then apply to the appropriate government agency for an import licence for medicinal cannabis. In the Netherlands this agency would be the Healthcare Inspectorate (Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd).

    The import licence needs to be forwarded, in duplicate, to the Office for Medicinal Cannabis Research (OMC).
    The OMC will then apply to the Healthcare Inspectorate (Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg) for an export licence. The export licence is generally issued within two to three weeks. In addition to an exemption, a contract specifying a number of details (e.g. the delivery of the medicinal cannabis) will also need to be drawn up.
    As soon as the contract has been signed and the export licence issued, the quantity of medicinal cannabis ordered can be dispatched.
    The wholesaler or pharmacy then dispenses the medicinal cannabis to the patient.

    Import and export licences are only valid for a limited period. Once this period has expired the procedure must be repeated in order to obtain a new licence.

    Costs include the application fee for the export licence and contract and transport costs.

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