UK In Shock As Prince Harry Admits Drug Use

Prince Harry has admitted in his memoir that he has used drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, and magic mushrooms in the past. He claims that he used these drugs both for recreational and therapeutic purposes.

In the memoir, Prince Harry describes smoking cannabis in his garden at Kensington Palace and at Eton, as well as using magic mushrooms while on a trip to California with friends.

He writes about how the drugs allowed him to see “another world where the red mist didn’t exist” and helped him to “redefine” reality.

He also describes the positive effects that the drugs had on him, stating that even after the effects wore off, he was still able to see this alternate world as “just as real and twice as beautiful.”

Failed war on drugs

But let’s be real, drug use is hardly a rare or shocking occurrence. In fact, it’s a common and widespread activity, particularly in the UK.

Despite the widespread use of drugs, governments around the world continue to wage an expensive and futile war on drugs, with little success.

The prohibition of drugs has not only failed to curb their use, but it has also led to negative consequences such as overcrowded prisons, gang violence, and human rights abuses.

The Benefits of Legalisation

Legalisation would not only reduce the harm caused by drugs, but it would also bring in much-needed revenue through taxation. It would allow for better quality control and safer consumption, as well as providing resources for education and treatment.

But don’t just take it from us, even Prince Harry has recognised the benefits of using drugs for therapeutic purposes. He writes about how psychedelics helped him to see “another world where the red mist didn’t exist” and aided in his personal growth.

It’s time to move past the outdated notion that all drugs are inherently evil and instead adopt a more compassionate and logical approach. After all, as Harry himself has experienced, sometimes a little bit of help in changing our perspectives can be a good thing.

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