‘Smoking CBD Hemp Flower Helped Me Quit High-THC Weed’

There’s a thriving community on Reddit that is dedicated to the discussion of CBD flower (hemp flower).

People often talk about the benefits of using CBD flower for things like anxiety, depression and pain. Many also describe how hemp has helped them manage their THC use or even made it easy to give it up altogether.

And it’s no surprise when you think about it. CBD flower can look, smell and taste like regular weed, yet does not get you ‘high’ in the same way.

It relaxes the body without the ‘high’

In fact, smoking or vaping CBD flower produces a relaxing feeling throughout the body and a calm mind. Effects that perfectly counteract the anxiety and irritability that many people suffer when they quit THC.

We at High & Polite believe that CBD flower can be of huge help to people who want to cut down or quit THC. I’ve even previously written about my experiences using CBD flower to reduce THC-induced anxiety the amount I was smoking.

CBD flower for THC addiction

Someone on the r/hempflowers subreddit has also had success using CBD flower. This time to help combat his THC addiction.

The post is as follows:

“I have been a toker for 10 years. After, I dunno, 3.5 years of wanting to quit smoking THC-buds, I FINALLY feel truly free!!!

“What a fucking load off this actually feels. I denied my addiction for a long time. I tried, and failed, to quit so many times. Eventually, I realized that despite hating how it made me feel, I was chasing the old high.

“I don’t know if this means I won’t ever smoke again, I feel so indifferent to it; maybe just on occasion with my stoner brother. I even still have THC flower, but that’s leftover from a couple months ago.

Idc (I don’t care) tbh (to be honest), I can smoke if I want to but goddamn it, I do not NEED to anymore!”

If you or someone you know is experiencing negative effects from the habitual use of high-THC cannabis, then consider CBD flower as an effective treatment.

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  1. Great article! This is just another reason why cbd buds are perfect. I’ve heard it’s also helping with a lot of other addictions too maybe cbd rewires or relaxes that part of the brain who knows I just wish there was more research going into every angle

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