Sign Of The Times: Legal Cannabis Products Sold Out Of Old Police Box In Scotland

While some people still think that CBD is just a fad, there’s no denying that the cannabis plant from which it is derived is making a huge global comeback.

It’s being legalised for recreational purposes in numerous U.S. states – along with the entire country of Canada – as well as medically in countries such as Germany, France, and even the UK.

In fact, it seems that CBD (or cannabidiol) is a huge driver of the massive change in perception of the controversial fan-leaved plant. Largely because, while it offers plenty of therapeutic benefits,  it doesn’t get consumers ‘high’ at all.

It’s also legal – CBD can also be produced from hemp, which is legal to grow in most places around the world, including the UK. 

Therefore, the sight of a CBD shop operating out of an old police box in the Scottish city of Glasgow provides a clear sign of the times. Cannabis is coming out of the shadows and is once again being recognised for its vast health benefits.

Police box cannabis shop 

Regenerate CBD has been operating for 6 months from the iconic blue police box on Buchanan St, Glasgow. Nestled between Central & Queen Street Station, next to the Ivy Restaurant, the box gets daily tourist visitors, including avid Doctor Who fans, who often want a picture.

Although they may come for the history or cultural significance, they’re often intrigued by the police box’s new function as a CBD shop. 

In the box, they sell a variety of CBD products, including CBD-infused gummy bears, oils, lotions and creams. Also available is CBD hash and wax, as well as ‘incense sticks’ filled with 1g of CBD hemp.  

Council problems

It’s not all been plain sailing for Regenerate CBD, however. After a slow start to business in the box, Mr Stow launched a market stool to drum up interest. And it worked… until the council kicked them off. 

Luckily, in the two months they had been trading on the market, the company attracted a strong customer base which happily followed them back to the police box. 

If you’re looking for CBD oil in Glasgow, check out Regenerate CBD here. 

They now work get along well with the council and local authorities and you’ll see a steady supply of satisfied customers purchasing their legal cannabis products from the old police box on Buchanan St. 

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