Review: Concentrates And Herbal Mix From Graded Green

As a CBD enthusiast I’m always on the look-out for premium quality CBD extracts at reasonable prices. Recently, I’ve been hearing good things about Graded Green so I decided to give their products a go……they didn’t disappoint!  

Graded green offers a variety of shatter and crumble concentrates, all of which are hand crafted from high-quality organic hemp. Both the shatter and crumble ranges also come infused with 10% terpenes. These terpenes provide numerous health benefits and allow for a huge variety of flavours and scents to liven up your CBD experience.  

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Graded green also offer a range of herbal and hemp flower mixes. Graded Greens herbal mix is a 14% concentration mix made using Swiss-grown organic hemp grown. As well as naturally occurring CBD, the mix also contains small amounts of CBG and other cannabinoids.

The hemp trim is made of small pieces of leaf and bud, which provides a fluffy blend ideal for rolling and mixing with other herbs.  

First impressions  

Each extract comes sealed in a small glass container with a plastic screw-on lid. The stylish Graded Green branding features on the lid with a clear description of the contents. Upon removing the lids and taking a closer look, I can see that each concentrate is completely unique with its own individual characteristics.  

The crumble has a rock salt consistency with several large rocks making up the bulk. The colour is typically a pale yellow, but darkness varies depending on the strain. The shatters come in a similar colour range but is typically more brittle in consistency and breaks apart more easily.  

Both concentrates have a terpene infusion resulting in a sugar-like texture which varies depending on the strain.  

The premium herbal mix comes in a handy resealable pouch. Upon opening the pouch, I see what appears to be a high-quality, fluffy blend of bud trimmings with a sugary, trichome-rich appearance.  

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Overall, first impressions are good. The Graded Green range appears high quality, stylish and professional.  


Graded Green provides a huge range of flavours and strains, all of which smell amazing. My personal favourite is the mango melt CBD crumble which has a sweet, punchy scent. There’s something for everyone from lesser-known strains to classic strains such as sour diesel or blue dream.  

As far as taste goes, all the concentrates I’ve tried are outstanding. As a result of the terpene infusion, each product has its own distinct flavour profile. The strong taste really livens up the vaping experience, tasting more like flavoured e-liquids rather than a regular cannabis strain.  

The Graded Green hemp mix had a very mild scent and tasted surprisingly smooth when smoking.  


When compared to some other brands on the market, I felt the effects of Graded Green noticeably more. The crumble concentrates contain 800mg CBD whilst the shatters contain 1000mg CBD. All concentrates feature a 10%+ terpene infusion.

I sampled the mango melt crumble extract after a long stressful day and found it really helped me relieve anxiety and fall into a deep, restful sleep.  

The effects of the concentrates tend to vary depending on the strain. For example, I found the Sour Cookies shatter to be very calming and slightly sedating, whereas the Blue Dream shatter provided a subtle energy and focus boost.  

As expected, I found smoking the herb mix slightly stronger. The bud is great in a THC joint as I found it really reduces some of the negative side effects of THC. 


I primarily use the extracts either in a joint or my concentrate vape. When used in a joint, the terpene infusion provides a punch of flavour to my smoking experience whilst the high CBD content counteracts any creeping anxiety I can sometimes experience from THC. The premium quality of Graded Green concentrates also makes them ideal for dabbing.  

I occasionally like to use the extracts for cooking or baking. The CBD crumble can easily be dissolved into cooking oils or butters making it the perfect option for those looking to create their very own CBD infused products. 

The CBD herb mix can be used in many ways such as a substitute for tobacco, in a joint with THC, or in a dry herb vape.  


Considering the premium quality of their products, Graded Green really do offer amazing value for money.  

The majority of their shatter range are priced between £12-15 per gram. Crumble concentrates are slightly more expensive, with 1g costing roughly £19.99 

The CBD herb mix also offer great value for money costing £14.99 for 7g with 980mg of CBD.   


I was seriously impressed with the wide range of high-quality CBD extracts available at Graded Green. It’s hard to find products of this quality at such a reasonable price.  

From old school concentrate strains to CBD bud trimmings – Graded Green have something for every CBD enthusiast. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of their products in the near future.  

Check out Graded Green’s entire range here.

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