Review: Luxurious CBD Pre Roll From Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary In London

A couple of weeks ago, on a balmy summer’s afternoon, I swung by Otherside Cannabinoid Dispensary in the heart of London. 

I picked up a gram of CBD flower (Havana) and a Blue Sherbert CBD pre-roll. While the flower was of the highest quality, this review will focus on the pre-roll, which was one of the best I’ve had. 

On their website, Otherside sells CBD pre-rolls from The Goods brand. These aren’t made with hemp flower, but rather herbal mixes with added CBD. The pre-roll I purchased, which is made exclusively with hemp flower, is only available in store, as is their loose flower. 

First impressions

The pre-roll came well packaged in a nice plastic doob-tube. These are great and always handy to have for carrying joints out of the house. Any smells are kept securely in the tube. 

Popping the tube open, the smell was subtler than I was expecting yet still distinct. It has a mild weed smell but not too strong. 

The joint itself had clearly been constructed by a connoisseur. Not only had it been expertly back-rolled (minimising how much paper gets smoked), the roach used was a glass tip. I have limited experience with these glass tips but have heard they make the smoke cooler and can add some extra filtration. 

These nice touches made the joint feel and look like a piece of art I was genuinely excited to smoke. 

Lighting her up

After finding a quiet spot by the river, I held a flame to the end of the joint and carefully burned it. A cherry quickly formed and I took a big puff, followed by a deep inhale. 

The smoke was cool and fresh and went down smoothly. The glass tip really makes a difference and no doubt the single layer of paper contributed to the smoothness. 

I took a few more puffs to really gauge the taste. Most hemp flower pre-rolls I’ve had tend to be dry and harsh. This was certainly not the case in this instance. I could feel the terpenes in the back of my throat and, even though it didn’t have a distinct fruity/gassy taste, for example, I was impressed with the weed-like flavours. 


After smoking half the joint, and tapping away the white/grey ash, I felt supremely relaxed. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being no effects and 10 being intense psychoactivity, I was at a solid 5. I was on a two-day tolerance break from THC so the small amounts present in the joint were particularly noticeable for me. 

My ride home was energising and pretty euphoric. The effects definitely weren’t subtle.

I smoke the rest before bed. It helped me unwind and fall asleep easily – something that doesn’t always happen when I’m on a T-break. The next day I felt refreshed and well-rested. 


Overall, smoking this expertly-made CBD pre-roll was a delight. It’s been crafted by true connoisseurs, back-rolled and fitted with a glass tip. 

Far from the usual dry, tasteless smoke that pre-rolls usually offer, this was smooth and terpy. 

It hit the spot and had me feeling great, especially so as I was abstaining from THC-rich weed at the time. 

If you’re anywhere near Notting Hill and fancy an uplifting yet relaxed smoke, hit up Otherside Cannabinoid Dispecasty and get yourself a luxurious CBD pre-roll. You won’t be disappointed. 

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  1. Thanks for all the info Jack re the Chillin Room I have already had a response from them I sent a mesage via FB and the CBD dispensary in N/Hill I will take a trip down there sometime soon as I am not far away in N1 , your online communication is much appreciated..
    Take Care 🙂

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