Review: 20% CBD Oil From Brown’s CBD

At a glance:

Product:  20%/2000mg CBD oil 

From: Brown’s CBD 

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, full spectrum cannabis extract.

Price: £69.99  

Overall: “The 20% CBD oil, containing 2000mg of CBD/CBDA, is effective at reducing pain and inflammation, and the taste is smooth and floral.” 


Whenever I’m in need of a reliably high-quality CBD oil for either myself, a family member or a friend, I go to Brown’s CBD. 

This independent, quality-focused company offers some of the best CBD oil I’ve come across in the UK market. 

They specialise in full-spectrum cannabis extracts – as close to the way nature intended as possible – including raw CBDa-rich cold-pressed extracts. 

I’ve previously loved their full spectrum CBD balm, capsules and patches, as well as their powerful distillate vape

Now we’ll take a look at their 20% CBD oil, containing 2000mg of CBD/CBDA.

Packaging, branding, and labelling 

Unfortunately, my first order was damaged during the postal service and was unable to be delivered. However, as soon as BrownsCBD found out they sent out a new order which arrived the next day.

The 20% CBD oil came in an unassuming padded envelope. The 10ml bottle itself features simple branding and clear labelling. No issues in this department.

Ingredients & production 

One reason that Browns is one of my go-to’s for CBD is because of their use of natural ingredients and minimal processing. 

This 20% oil is nothing but hemp seed oil and a CBD-rich cannabis extract. Because it’s made using low temperatures, the extract also has CBDa in it, which is the precursor to CBD and has its own powerful therapeutic effects

I also appreciate the fact that this is a full-spectrum oil, meaning a complete profile of cannabinoids (including trace amounts of CBC, CBG & CBDV), terpenes (aromatic plant oils that also have therapeutic effects), and flavonoids are present in the extract. 

In fact, the synergistic power of all these compounds together gives rise to greater effects than each compound would on its own – something known as the entourage effect. 

Made from organic hemp grown in the EU, this oil contains approximately 10mg CBD/CBDA, meaning just a few drops can give a healthy dose of cannabinoids.   


While many oils are strong tasting and somewhat bitter, this oil was smooth and floral, yet distinctively hemp-like. 

According to lab tests, the primary terpenes in this CBD are myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, pinene, limonene, and linalool – so expect a bit of a spice and citrus notes, too. 

Overall, the taste was pleasant compared to many other oils. 


I actually purchased this product for my partner who was suffering from an inflamed (and painful) chest muscle. 

The oil immediately helped with pain and, over the course of 2 weeks, reduced the inflammation massively. 

I personally found it very effective at reducing sore and stiff joints and muscles. 

At 20% CBD/CBDa (2,000mg), this is one of the stranger CBD oils around, and it certainly is as effective at it suggests. And over 30  positive reviews on their product page agree.  


At £69 for 2,000mg of CBD, this CBD oil is of great value. The standard price for 1,000mg of CBD in a 10ml bottle is about £40-50, so to get double that for under £70 is fantastic value.

BrownsCBD is also known to give out free samples of other products from time to time, which is a lovely added extra.


Overall, Brown’s CBD is a reliable and quality-focused company offering some of the best CBD oil in the UK market. Their full-spectrum cannabis extracts, including raw CBDa-rich cold-pressed extracts, are made using natural ingredients and minimal processing. 

The 20% CBD oil, containing 2000mg of CBD/CBDA, is effective at reducing pain and inflammation, and the taste is smooth and floral. Despite some issues with delivery, the packaging, branding, and labeling of the product are clear and straightforward. 

With over 30 positive reviews, it’s clear that Brown’s CBD 20% CBD oil is a highly effective and popular choice for those seeking a high-quality CBD oil.

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