Product Review: Cherry O Baby” Premium Hemp Pre-roll (18% CBD)

Hemp Botanics is one of the longest-running CBD companies in the UK and true pioneers of the CBD market in the UK. They sell only products made from US-grown hemp and offer products from some of the most renowned brands in the industry, including CBD Distillery, Colorado Hemp Honey, and Foria – who, on a side note, recently released the world’s first cannabis-infused tampon. 

They also claim to be the first people in the UK to successfully navigate the procedures and permissions necessary to legally import U.S.-grown, high-quality hemp commercially into the UK. They originally had three strains in stock: Cherry ‘O’ Baby, Sweet Leaf, and Spring Haze. All three strains were of top quality and each had over 17% CBD – Sweet Leaf had a whopping 23% CBD!

These three strains are no longer available to buy by the gram. However, Hemp Botanics are now offering pre-rolled joints (with approximately 1g of flower) for sale. Right now they only have Cherry ‘O’ Baby pre-rolls available but I’m told they are bringing back the other two strains in pre-roll form very soon.

I popped into their shop on Portobello Road in London’s Notting Hill last week and picked up a pre-rolled joint of Cherry ‘O’ Baby with 18% CBD. Here’s my review…

Packaging: 9/10

The pre-rolled joint came in a small, sealed, cardboard box. The branding is simple but attractive. To open, simply break the golden seal and open the lid. Your joint will be snug and secure inside. Mine was a perfect cone shape when it came out, so the packaging did its job while looking good.

Aesthetics: 10/10

The joint looked good. It was perfectly rolled with a kingsize Raw hemp rolling paper. It was a good thickness – not too thick, about the same as I roll my own joints.  Finally, it had an ‘M’ shaped Raw roach and was twisted off at the other end.

Smell: 7.5/10

In the box and out of the box, the joint did not have a strong aroma. Most hemp strains aren’t very pungent but I feel the fact that these buds have been ground up and kept in a box that not airtight has helped diminish any aroma there might have been. In fact, I have tried the whole buds of this Cherry strain before and it smelled great.

As Hemp Botanic’s have a nice little smoothie bar above their shop in Portobello Road, I decided to sit outside with a drink and light up the joint. Despite a few other people sitting around outside the shop, I felt the smell from the joint was not particularly strong or distinctive. It smelled slightly weedy, but not that much. It’s handy for smoking in public but I was a bit underwhelmed.

Taste: 8.5/10

Just like with the smell, the taste was nothing special. Certainly one of the better hemp strains I’ve tried but still not on par with the illegal stuff. Having said that, the Cherry ‘O’ Baby, with 18% CBD, is one of the best hemp flowers for sale in the UK. And the first few draws of the joint were pretty sweet and fruity.

Smoking: 9/10

The joint smoke wonderfully. I sparked it up and took a puff and it was no different to a normal pure joint. It’s always strange smoking high-quality hemp buds – your body relaxes and you feel like you should be stoned but it just never happens.

The pre-roll burned slowly and evenly. The use of Raw hemp rolling papers is a smart move that makes for a great smoke. I stubbed it out a number of times throughout the day and put it back into its box. It was tight and remained intact. No qualms at all when it came to smoking. A great experience.

Effects: 10/10

After a few drags on the joint, I noticed a distinct feeling of calm come over my body. My mind slowed and I felt very content. This is a typical feeling I experience when I smoke hemp flowers. My body feels stoned but my mind remains clear and my thoughts slow right down. It’s enjoyable.

When I smoke high-THC weed, sometimes I can become awkward and overthink things. This joint had the opposite effect. I felt calm and confident. If you’ve tried CBD products before but not got much for them, I would definitely recommend smoking or vaping some CBD hemp flowers. It really does offer a quite profound effect.

I don’t suffer from high levels of anxiety myself but I can imagine that smoking or vaping hemp buds could have a dramatic effect on it.  And there’s a lot of research suggesting the same thing.

Price: 8/10

At £12, these pre-rolled hemp flower joints from Hemp Botanics are quite expensive. They say that each joint contains about 1 gram each. The average market price for hemp flower is about £10 per gram so this is a little on the expensive side, but far from extortionate.

They are still very good value, however. Cherry ‘O’ Baby has 18% CBD. That means 1 gram will have about 180mg of CBD. £12 per 180mg is a great price in terms of mg per pound.

Overall: 8.5/10

Overall, I am pretty impressed with Hemp Botanic’s pre-rolled CBD hemp flower joints. Compared to other hemp flowers on the market they are a little more expensive than most, but compared to regular CBD products they are great value.

The hemp flowers themselves are also of very high-quality. The taste and flavour would be better if they weren’t pre-rolled and kept in boxes, but they are still very good compared to many other CBD flowers on the market.  Personally, I prefer buying hemp flowers by the gram rather than in pre-rolled joints, but they are convenient and would be perfect for someone who can’t roll their own joints.

If you are looking for a first CBD hemp flower product to try, these pre-rolls are ideal. Featuring high-quality hemp flowers, high concentrations of CBD and terpenes, and perfectly rolled in a hemp rolling paper, these pre-rolls make smoking CBD hemp buds easy. I highly recommend, especially for those who haven’t tried to smoking CBD hemp buds before.

Click here to buy a “Cherry O Baby” Premium Hemp Pre-roll (18% CBD) from Hemp Botanics. 

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