Morocco’s Hash Dealers Are Boycotting Israeli Traffickers

Moroccan hashish sellers are cutting off connections with Israeli drug smugglers due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, as reported by Israeli media.

According to a report on Mako, an Israeli news portal, a drug trafficker from Sharon said, “The hashish dealers in Morocco have stopped selling us hashish, either directly or through middlemen. 

“They decided to boycott us because of the war. We’ve lost a substantial amount of money since then.”

This boycott is hitting criminal groups hard financially, with losses already reaching tens of millions of shekels, as reported by Mako. Just to give you an idea, one Israeli New Shekel equals approximately £0.25.

Famous hash

Moroccan hashish is renowned and highly valued worldwide among cannabis enthusiasts. 

The trade primarily revolves around the Rif Mountains area in northern Morocco. This industry is vital to Morocco’s economy, spanning vast areas of cultivation and providing livelihoods for over 80,000 families. 

Morocco stands as the largest hashish producer globally, accounting for 19% of the total output. 

While much of the hashish is sold in European markets, there’s also demand from Israel, where it can fetch prices as high as NIS 300,000 ($84,000) per kilogram, according to Mako.

Solidarity with Gaza

Prior to the boycott, Moroccan hashish made its way into Israel through different routes, with help from local Israeli smugglers, including unexpected ones like orthodox Jewish students. 

However, the ongoing boycott has interrupted these routes, pushing Israeli smugglers to seek alternatives. Testimonies collected by the Israeli TV news outlet N12 reveal that Moroccan hash dealers are expressing solidarity with Gaza as the reason behind the boycott.

Moroccan dealers expressed outrage over the contrast between Israel’s thriving market and the suffering endured by Palestinians in Gaza due to war. They’ve decided to cease transactions with Israeli partners and redirect their product elsewhere.

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