Man Lights Up Joint In Court To Protest Cannabis Prohibition

A legend is born.

And that legend is Spencer Alan Boston, who this week decided to express his views on cannabis prohibition by sparking up a fatty in a courtroom in front of a judge.

He was standing before the judge on a simple drug possession charge, but was immediately taken into custody after lighting and taking a few puffs of the strong-smelling joint. 

The 20-year-old performed the rebellious act in a Tennessee courtroom in America. According to witnesses, Boston’s actions drew laughs from many in the courtroom. 

It was reported by the Tennessean that Boston began “expressing a viewpoint that marijuana should be legalized at the podium.” He then reached into a pocket and pulled out a cannabis-filled cigarette, lighting it up and puffing away.

Boston then turned to make a comment to those sitting in the courtroom before officers hastily took him into custody, leading him out of the courtroom through a small cloud of smoke.

Boston was charged with a second charge of simple possession and received ten days for contempt of court. His bond is $3,000, according to jail records.

A fundraiser has been set up to pay Boston’s bail and get this true American hero his freedom. At the time of writing, over $2,000 has already been pledged. 

According to Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan, the weed that Boston smoked had a strong odour.

So here’s the proof. Indeed, not all heroes wear capes. 

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