Make Your Own CBD Oil And E-liquid For A Fraction Of The Price With These DIY Kits

During troubling times, like a recession, we find that people stop wasting money on frivolous purchases and high-end brands and turn towards practical products that represent value. 

So considering the current global situation, now is the perfect time to buy a DIY CBD kit and make your own CBD product for a fraction of the usual price!

Custom CBD products

In an age where we all shop on handheld devices from the comfort of our sofas, it’s no surprise that retailers are doing all they can to improve the customer experience in order to stand out. 

And a big trend that is on the way is custom products. For example, instead of ordering a pair of shoes in size 9 or 10, in the near future you’ll have shoes custom made to your exact foot measurements. 

When it comes to personalised health and wellness products like CBD, this will see customers creating their own unique blends and strengths depending on their particular needs. 

For example, someone with sleep problems could, in the future, “build” their product with a cannabis extract from an indica plant, along with a combination of other herbs and essential oils that are suited to improving sleep.  

Create your own oils and e-liquids

Ice Head Shop is a well-known online head shop that has a huge range of products, from seeds to hemp flower tea. Due to the current global situation, they are also selling hand sanitisers and masks

But it’s their DIY CBD kits that we’re here to talk about. They offer you the chance to make your own CBD oil or CBD e-liquid. 

Custom CBD oil

The oil kit lets you choose the type of bottle you would like (glass dropper or spray), the flavour, the carrier oil (MCT or hemp seed oil), and any other equipment you may need (gloves, measuring jugs, syringe, etc). 

Please note that you need to buy the CBD extract separately. 

Once you have received all your kit and CBD extract, you can get started making your CBD oil. Complete instructions on how to do this are found in the product description, but you basically just have to mix the CBD with the carrier oil under a gentle heat.

Custom CBD e-liquid

With the e-liquid kit, you can choose from a wider range of flavours, as well as how much PG and VG you would like. You can even add a shot of nicotine, if you so wish. 

Again, you will have to buy your CBD extract separately. The instructions to make the CBD e-liquid are also pretty simple, although there are a few things to be aware of, like the need to mix your CBD with PG first before adding VG and flavour. 

Not only is making your own CBD products fun and interesting, it’s also great value for money. In fact, you can create your own high strength CBD oil or e-liquid for a fraction of what it would usually cost!

It’s time to start doing it yourself!

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