Luxembourg Will Be First Country In Europe To Legalise Recreational Cannabis – When Will The UK Follow Suit

Move over Amsterdam and Barcelona, the small European country of Luxembourg will become the first European country to make cannabis legal for recreational purposes, it has been revealed.

The country’s incoming coalition government announced the plans at a press conference yesterday, along with other popular measures, such as a ride of minimum wage and free public transport.

The incoming three-party government’s plans will see cannabis permitted and regulated for adult-use.

Landlocked by Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg has only a small population – about 600,000 people – but cannabis has been very popular for a long time.

Over the last 12 months, a buzzing CBD flower market has already budded, with numerous hemp shops around the country selling CBD-rich hemp flowers.  

Therefore, estimated that the potential recreational market could exceed £10 million, especially if tourists are allowed to indulge. And as a member of the EU, residents from the rest of the Union are permitted to enter Luxembourg without a visa or permit.

Exactly how and when new legislation will take place is unknown, but this is still a major step for the European cannabis market.

Luxembourg is the first European country to have succumbed to the lure of the green rush. More will inevitably follow in the coming months and years. 

Who will be next? And will the UK government smell an opportunity to reignite the economy after Brexit? Watch this space…

Recreational weed in Europe is on its way!

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