Kanaco X London Cannabis Club CBD E-liquid Review

Today I’ll be reviewing a citrus, blackcurrant and mint flavour CBD e-liquid from Kanaco. This vape liquid has been created in collaboration with The London Cannabis Club – their second collaboration, following the very popular ‘G’ vape range that was launched in 2017. 

Orson Boon and The London Cannabis Club

Orson Boon – a legend in his own right – founded the London Cannabis club in 2011 with a focus on Cannabis activism and promoting the healing power of the ancient cannabis plant. 

Orson is an interesting character. He runs a podcast, where he discusses many heart-opening subjects, as well as offering one-to-one life coaching. He is also very experienced in ayahuasca ceremonies and working with plant medicines.  

He is an ambassador of CBD shop Kanaco and has worked with them to produce a range of products. The latest being this citrus, blackcurrant and mint flavour CBD vape liquid.  


Orson Boon’s popular “g” vape liquid range from 2017 contained 250mg CBD. This latest collaboration contains double that – 500mg CBD – in a 15ml bottle.  

Along with 500mg of CBD isolate, the e-liquid has been made with a 20/80 ratio of VG to PG, as well as berry, citrus and mint flavourings. 

This product contains no THC or nicotine.


The ‘g’ range was hit thanks to its incredible flavour. And this latest collaboration also tastes great. The blackcurrant is much more pronounced than either the citrus or mint flavours, although these flavours do come through subtly. 

If you like rich, sweet and fruity e-liquid flavours, this will suit you down to the ground.   


As you’d expect with 500mg of CBD isolate, the effects are subtle but noticeable. 

As there is no THC, this is perfect for people who face drug tests or are particularly sensitive to cannabis’ main psychotropic compound. 


Costing just £26.90, this is a very affordable CBD e-liquid. This low price reflects the simplicity of the product – you can’t go wrong.


With 500mg of CBD and a great flavour, this very collaborative CBD vape liquid between Kanaco and The London Cannabis Club is a tasty way to take your CBD. 

Strong blackcurrant flavours are complemented with mint and citrus undertones, while the THC-free blend offers calming effects with no ‘high’. 

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