Jeremy Corbyn’s Son To Sell CBD Flower From New London Hemp Shop

On Friday, The Sun newspaper published an article titled, ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy spotted smoking ‘spliff’ outside cafe’.

That spliff, however, was made out of CBD flower – a product which is widely available in vape shops and online head shops around the UK.

It is thought to be legal due to its low THC levels and the fact that it is technically ‘hemp’ that’s been grown on legal farms under EU licence.

Hemp bud dealer

Tommy Corbyn is actually in the process of establishing his own shop and a cafe, along with his partner, that will sell hemp-derived CBD products including CBD flower in north London.

In response to the tabloid article, Tommy posted this on his Facebook wall:

“Slow news day? These were taken last May (the last time I wore an ironed shirt) and it was a totally legal CBD strain of Spring Haze.

The Sun should come along to the National Hemp Service when we open, I’ll gladly educate you on things a bit if you’re struggling… “

“Puffed away…”

The article itself went into detail explaining how Tommy prepared his legal CBD joint:

“Tommy was spotted with a pal at a cafe in Notting Hill, West London.

“In photos, he is seen using a Julian Marley Juju Royal grinder before carefully tipping green leaves into rolling paper.

He then sealed it, lit it and puffed away.”

The cafe where he was spotted was probably the cafe that sits above Hemp Botanics on Portobello Road.

Long-running CBD shop Hemp Botanics were one of the first shops in the UK to start selling CBD flower.

Now there are a large number of vape shops, head shops, and CBD shops selling a wide variety of CBD-rich cannabis flower strains.

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