Guernsey Gets Green Light To Grow CBD-Rich Cannabis

A company based in Guernsey has been given the go-ahead to grow medical cannabis. Working with a UK group, they wil grow the plant for production of oils and other items for the health and wellbeing sector.

Guernsey, one of the two Channel Islands which is situated between the UK and France, has a good deal of sunshine and plenty of available land for such a venture. There are also a large number of disused vineyards that have the potential to be easily be adapted for such a purpose.

The Hemp Science Officer of Jersey (sounds like a remarkably progressive job role, go Jersey!) Chris Callaghan has already been recorded as saying that such a grow could create revenues for the island in excess of £300 million per year!

Permission has been given to a company called Celebrate Ltd, who will be growing cannabis on the site of a disused tomato vinery on the island. Plants will be grown in a greenhouse and then processed in a separate secure area.

They will be the first company to officially grow cannabis in a British crow dependency since the beginning of cannabis prohibition in 1921.

Planting is expected to begin within the next few weeks in a growing and processing facility which has been described as ‘state of the art’.  The plants will be high in CBD but low in THC.

Security at the premises is expected to be extremely high with extensive barbed wire fencing and a security gate, security cameras and lights.

According to Celebrated’s managing director Tina Bolding:

‘Our fully equipped laboratory will mean we can grow and develop the finest oils, which will conform to any legislation in any country, allowing Guernsey to be a leading light and trend setter in the current cannabis evolution…This decision will not only benefit our customers, but it also means we can resurrect Guernsey’s proud growing tradition.’

Tina had started looking into the benefits of cannabis oil to try to help her husband when he was diagnosed with cancer. Now she hopes that a cannabis testing and research centre will be constructed in Guernsey in memory of him.

The company have been closely working with scientists from the Greenstar Consultancy, a specialist group of experts and scientists with more than ten years of experience working in the medical cannabis industry.

Ben Barrel from Greenstar said:

‘This is such an exciting opportunity and we are so proud to be part of a historic advancement for cannabis and hope that this will set a trend for the rest of the UK’

Changes to the current health laws in Jersey and Guernsey, regarding the prescription of medical cannabis, are going to be announced in the next few weeks, prepared by Health Minister Richard Renouf.

Oils that are created at this production centre are expected to be available at the ‘Original Alternative Guernsey’ shop, which is located in St Peter Port and opened last August.

‘The Original Alternative’ is the new name of CBD Brothers, one of the most respected and longest-running CBD vendors in the UK. They have helped many, many customers over the years.

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