Grow Weed, Protect The NHS, Save Lives: How Legal Cannabis Can Help Protect The NHS

Protecting the NHS has never been so important. Which is why the UK government should let people grow cannabis. 

Let me explain…

New study

A study just came out that found that medical cannabis patients reported using 14% fewer prescription medications, that they were 39% less likely to have visited an emergency room, and 46% less likely to have been admitted to a hospital in the month before being surveyed. 

As reported in HealthEuropa, this shows “that cannabis patients put less strain on healthcare resources” than patients using other treatments. 

Patients also reported significantly better quality of life, greater health satisfaction, improved sleep, less pain, less anxiety, and less depression than people who weren’t using cannabis.

The survey was carried out by Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Realm of Caring Foundation.

Ryan Vandrey, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, told HealthEuropa that it wasn’t surprising that people claim to feel better when using medical cannabis, “but it was unexpected to see that these people utilised less health care resources.”

CBD flower in Italy

This latest study adds weight to previous research from 2019 that found the widespread availability of CBD flower in Italy led to a significant reduction in the number of prescription drugs dispensed by the country’s National Health Service.

CBD flower – also known hemp flower or ‘cannabis light’ – was legalised in Italy in 2016, when changes in hemp laws meant that flowers with less than 0.2% THC could be sold as collector’s items.

After the change in law, the nation’s National Health Service saw a reduction in the number of anti-anxiety medications dispensed by approximately 11.5%, a reduction in sedatives by 10%, and a reduction of antipsychotics by 4.8%.

A small drop in the average number of anti-epileptics medications dispensed (-1.5%) was also observed, as well as antidepressants (- 1.2%), opioids (-1.2%) and anti-migraine medication (approximately -1%).

Growing your own drugs

I’ve discussed before how growing your own drugs – cannabis and psilocybin mushrooms, for example – has the potential to empower patients and reduce their reliance on doctors and pharmaceutical products.

But I didn’t mention how this in turn would reduce pressure on the NHS, which each winter (even before Covid) seems to reach breaking point. But as you can see from the evidence stated above, it certainly would. 

So, as legalising cannabis cultivation is unlikely to be sanctioned by politicians anytime soon, I urge you to do your part to protect the NHS while simultaneously taking back some power over your own health. 

You can do that by adhering to this catchy phrase I’ve thought of: “Grow weed, protect the NHS, save lives.”

Your country needs you.

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