Fungi And Cannabis Combine To Beat Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

A new study has found that CBD enhances the efficacy of antibiotics. 

In fact, the combination of  CBD and fungi-derived penicillin may represent a new way of treating infections from antibiotic resistant bacteria.

This stands to become an important discovery as bacteria have developed mechanisms to escape the effects of antibiotics thanks to their overuse. Scientists have even warned of a pre-antibiotic era looming ahead.

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Mushrooms and weed

Penicillin, derived from the Penicillium fungi, became the first mass-produced antibiotic after being discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming. Antibiotics have since saved millions of lives.

With their efficacy against bacterial infections waning, however, alternative strategies are being explored and helper compounds are attracting attention. 

Helper compounds are non-antibiotic compounds with the capability of enhancing the efficacy of antibiotics.

One such helper compound has been suspected to be cannabidiol (CBD); a cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. 

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The study 

A research team from University of Southern Denmark, has published a scientific study proving the beneficial effect of using CBD alongside antibiotics.

“When we combined CBD and antibiotics, we saw a more powerful effect than when treating with antibiotics alone. So, in order to kill a certain number of bacteria, we needed less antibiotics,” the study’s authors say.

In the study, CBD was used to enhance the effect of the antibiotic bacitracin against Staphylococcus aureus bacteria; a major human pathogen that frequently causes community- and hospital-acquired disease.

Three things happened to the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria when treated with CBD and antibiotics:The bacteria could no longer divide normally, the expression of certain key genes (cell division and autolysis genes) in the bacteria was lowered, and the bacterial membrane became unstable.

Useful CBD

Studies also show CBD to have many therapeutic effects, including potent anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-addiction properties. It’s the most popular health supplement in many countries and is rapidly growing in popularity.

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