CBD Could Lead To Longer Life, Study Finds

Do you want to live forever? Me neither. What about living 20% longer while remaining healthy and active? If so, consuming daily CBD may be able to help you do just that. 

A recent study on worms, which was aimed at investigating the toxicity of CBD, has found that it actually lengthened their lives by close to 20%. Not only that, the worms were much more active into late life than those that did not receive CBD – by up to 206%!

I know, I know. Worms aren’t humans and this doesn’t mean the results will be the same for us. This is true. However, Caenorhabditis elegans (the tiny worms used in the study) have remarkably similar genes to humans, so it could be a good indication of potential effects in humans. 

The study

Conducted by researchers at Canopy Growth Corp, this recent study was investigating the potential toxicity of CBD. To do this, they used worms called Caenorhabditis elegans as they share DNA with around 80% of people.

Along with a control group, multiple groups of adult worms were given various doses of CBD for different lengths of time. 

Firstly, the researchers found that there were absolutely no indications of toxicity, which is in line with previous research

Their other findings were less expected. Most notably, the fact that worms who received medium doses of CBD over their entire lives lived up to 18% longer. Additionally, motility analysis of the same groups revealed an increase in late-stage life activity by up to 206% compared to controls.

Medium doses of CBD also significantly increased the worms tolerance to heat compared to the untreated controls. 


The study authors concluded: “The… regulatory implications of the findings demonstrated by this study are of paramount importance.

“…two significant concerns that are both difficult to address and have little available data remain a barrier to formalized regulations [are] safe levels of CBD for daily consumption and the effects of lifelong use. The results of this study directly address these two needs, and fill some of the data gaps needed to establish evidence-based safety-oriented regulations.

“Because this study was the first to examine the effects of lifelong exposure to CBD, many unanswered questions remain. First, although CBD extended lifespan and increased measures of health span in this C. elegans model, future research is needed to determine potential mechanisms for these findings.”

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