Dab Bar, Stone-Bake Pizza And Live Reggae: These Jamaican Cannabis Dispensaries Are The Ultimate Stoner Hangout

Check Out Jamaica’s Coolest New Cannabis Dispensaries

Enjoy Weed, Pizza And Reggae At Jamaica’s New Cannabis Dispensaries

If you like weed, then there’s little doubt that a trip to Jamaica should be on your bucket list. The Caribbean island is home to an abundance of sunshine, tropical beaches and, of course, high-grade ganja.

And now, following the recent reformation of cannabis laws, it’s now even more of a stoner paradise as visitors can buy weed at a small number of modern cannabis dispensaries. These aren’t the kind of sterile medical dispensaries you might have seen in the U.S., however. 

In typical Jamaican fashion, these cannabis establishments look more like hipster cafes. Along with a wide range of exotic cannabis strains and extracts, many also offer chilled out smoking rooms with dab bars, stone-oven pizza, and even live music. 

Liberal new cannabis laws in Jamaica

The links between Jamaica and cannabis are well-known, but what’s not as widely known is that the island is fast becoming one of the international hotspots for cannabis lovers. 

This is all down to its recently reformed cannabis laws, which have decriminalised personal possession of up to 2 ounces and seen the introduction of licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. 

While it is legal to smoke or consume in licences dispensaries and private residences, smoking cannabis in a public place is still prohibited, punished with a fixed fine of J$500. 

Jamaica’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened in 2018. They sell a variety of products are offered, including buds, extracts and vape cartridges. They are currently the only places where visitors to Jamaica can legally buy cannabis. 

All that’s needed is photo identification proving you are over 18 years of age and proof of a medical requirement for cannabis. This can be a doctor’s prescription (can be from home or by an on-site medic) or by simply filling out a medical form. 

Kaya Herb House

There are now three Kaya Herb House cannabis dispensaries in Jamaica, with the newest recently opening in capital Kingston. It has a very laid-back vibe, with welcoming on-site smoking room, hammocks, and a stylish cafe that offers good coffee, steaming hot pizzas and healthy juices.  

All Kaya’s herbs are organic and locally grown – including at their own farms. Noteworthy strains on offer include Jamaica skunk, Island Girl and Gorilla Glue #4, and the quality is on par with the best in the world.


Epican opened its flagship medical cannabis dispensary on Jimmy Cliff Boulevard (widely known as the Hip Strip) in Montego Bay in April ‘19. More recently, another opened in Kingston.

Both are defined by bright, clean designs and excellent customer service from knowledgeable staff. You’ll also find a premium range of organic, locally-grown cannabis strains including Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, and Lamb’s Bread, known to be Bob Marley’s favourite strain. 

Island Strains

Located on the ‘hip strip’ of Montego bay, Island Strains is less hipster than Kaya and has more of a premium hotel feel, with whitewashed walls and stunning sea views. It has a wide range of strains and extracts. Their Dr Bird strain has received many plaudits. 

Away from the dispensaries, you will have little trouble finding cannabis in Jamaica. Many unlicensed vendors are taking advantage of the new permissive weed laws and it’s not unusual to see edibles openly for sale in cafes or street-side eateries. 

Needless to say, unregulated products may be varying quality and price. It’s not allowed to take cannabis outside of the country. 

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