Company Review: Is HempElf Legit?

Who are HempElf?

HempElf is a UK-based online CBD shop.

What do they sell?

They sell a large range of CBD products including CBD oils, concentrates, cremes, edibles, vape pens and terpenes. They also sell a range of CBD-rich hemp flowers and CBD hash. All products contain less than 0.2% THC and will not get you ‘high’.

They sell products from well-known and renowned American-based brands including The CBDistillery, Palmetto Harmony, Blue Forest Farm and Green Mountain CBD. They also sell smoking accessories.

Customer service: 10/10

Customer service is second-to-none. My emails have always been answered promptly and the team at Hempelf is very willing to assist.

Delivery time: 10/10

I’ve ordered numerous times from HempElf and each time my order has arrived at my doorstep within two days.

Range of products: 8/10

When it comes to CBD flowers and hash, HempElf has the biggest and one of the best ranges in the UK.  Amnesia and Strawberry Kush are my favourites. All strains are of good quality, however. And if you like CBD hash, HempElf really have the best offering around. We haven’t tried it yet but the Amnesia Jelly Hash looks delish.

‘Amnesia’ hemp flowers from Hempelf

They also have a good range of CBD concentrates, oils and cremes and salves. We really like their edible offerings, too. Particularly their Kannaswiss CBD chocolate bars., available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

Price: 7/10

HempElf is one of the priciest shops around when it comes to hemp flowers. While they’re pretty expensive everywhere at the moment due to demand outweighing supply, HempElf is still a bit more expensive than some other shops. Their oils are a good price but other products such as the Kannaswiss chocolate are also somewhat dear (£10 per bar with 500mg CBD).

Value for money: 9/10  

It may well be on the more expensive side but HempElf still offers great value for money. Despite being pricey, their hemp flowers still offer good value in terms of how many mg of CBD you get per pound. Their hemp flowers are also consistently high quality and third-party lad analysis are available for all strains. 
The rest of their products are decent and from well-established and trusted brands in the U.S. I personally prefer CBD products (except hemp flowers) from the U.S. as they are usually derived from better-quality hemp.

Overall: 9/10

So, to clarify. HempElf are legit. They have one of the best ranges of hemp buds in the UK as well as the best CBD hash I have seen anywhere.  Delivery is quick and customer service is on point. I have been ordering from them for a number of months with no problems. Prices are a little high but they make up for it in professionalism, their range of products, and quality of products – particularly CBD buds and hash.

2 Comments on “Company Review: Is HempElf Legit?”

  1. Jack, this industry really seems to be exploding now with sellers appearing all over the place, even on eBay! I’m wondering if newbies should watch out for certain things to avoid being ripped off since even OBD flower with low-THC is not exactly cheap!

    Should newbies totally avoid OBD flower which has now lab analysis report to back it up, or is it just a case of sticking with reliable reviewed vendors?

    My problem as someone new to OBD and seeing the potential of it as a natural alternative to drugs that I know can be a life-changer for some people is this…

    What about OBD consistently in the level of cannabinoids between batches? Can you really use it as a medicine and achieve consistent results in the same way as you can with say standardised St John’s Wort? I guess this means lab tested is better than untested? But even so, how do you know the lab test wasn’t on one batch and doesn’t necessarily reflect the currency product or batch?

    1. You’re absolutely right, Paul. There is no way at the moment to standardise CBD flower, which makes it difficult to use as a medicine.

      I would advise to purchase off companies that have been vetted and are trusted by others, like most of the companies listed on our directory.

      You bring up an important point in that even different batches of the same strain can vary in their levels of cannabinoids. Additionally, testing methods are, as far as I know, not quite 100% accurate.

      Hopefully, as the industry progresses, some we will have some consistency when it comes to strains available and their respective cannabinoid content. Until then, it might be best to go with a CBD oil or other product that has undergone testing and can be dosed accurately.

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