Common Vape Additives PG and VG May Cause Inflammation and “Leaky Gut”

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol, two chemicals commonly used in e-cigarettes and CBD e-liquids, have been found to cause inflammation and “leaky gut” in 3D models of human intestinal tracts and in mice.

It’s the first study to demonstrate how chronic exposure to e-cigarettes increases the gut’s susceptibility to bacterial infections, leading to chronic inflammation and other health concerns

E-liquid vaporisers, or e-cigarettes, are a popular and supposedly healthier alternative to smoking. And while this latest study suggests these added chemicals may come with their own harms, it is unclear how profound their effects are on the human gut.

The study

Published last week in the journal iScience, the study saw researchers expose the vapour of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol on gut lining using both animal and human cell models.

The results suggest that chronic use of nicotine-free e-cigarettes could result in a “leaky gut” and chronic inflammation. Inflammation can contribute to a wide variety of diseases and conditions, while issues in the gut are now known to affect mental health.  

Numerous chemicals created

“Numerous chemicals are created when these two are heated to generate the fumes in vaping that cause the most damage, for which there are no current regulations,” said Pradipta Ghosh, professor of cellular and molecular medicine at UC San Diego School of Medicine

“The safety of e-cigarettes have been debated fiercely on both sides. Nicotine content, and its addictive nature, has always been the major focus of those who argue against its safety, whereas lack of chemicals in the carcinogens that are present in the cigarette smoke has been touted by the makers of e-cigarettes when marketing these products as a ‘healthy alternative.’ 

“In reality, it’s the chemicals making up the vapor liquid that we should be more concerned about as they are the cause of gut inflammation,” he continued. 

The researchers said that the gut lining may repair itself over time if e-cigarette use is discontinued, but the effects of chronic inflammation upon other organs, such as the heart or brain, may be irreversible. 

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  1. That’s just stupid

    “the gut lining was exposed to the vapour”

    Who the hell vapes through their gut?
    If you’re doing that – the vape pen is in the wrong hole

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